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    Well apparently Jay cancelled their pond skimming and didn't really tell anybody (unless you happened to stumble across a reply to someone’s question on their twitter page).

    We're still going to take the skis up there and try them out tomorrow!
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    I assume you'll have to walk those monsters up the hill. They won't let you take them on the lift, will they? You can't actually turn them, can you?

    It was bizarre last year at Burke, like they were having their pond skimming contest in the middle of Winter.

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    Burke let them carry on the lower mountain lift last year (detachable). I'm not sure what Jay will do since the lower mountain lift isn't detachable. I'd rather not have to carry them up.
    The skis actually do turn pretty well. They definitely aren't slalom worthy but you can choose where you want to go. I haven't actually riden on them yet. The guy on the back last year had very little skiing experience.
    You can see my photos here - http://tim-kirchoff.pixels.com/

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    Assuming you're still alive, how was it? Pics? Video?

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