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    good luck in the NYC marathon!

    I've ran one marathan and probably over half a dozen halfs... i can't bring myself to do another full one. If someone close to me was interested in doing one I would join, but i don't think i could sign myself up for that again on my own, unless it was a destination marathon, that i would do.

    My running has seriously tapered since the Ragnar. I'm starting to miss it again, but I woke up this morning and it was 18 degrees and like 6 inches of snow... brrrrrrrr. maybe this weekend ill try to do a longer run (those for me these days are anything over 4 miles.)

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    Good luck at NYC! At this point you've done all the work, enjoy the day.

    I've got my eye on a 50K next May in Maine, that should be fun.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hammer View Post
    Started running several weeks ago, just up to about 2 miles/day when I don't have other workouts. Have seen significant improvement in my times which I'm guessing is due to the initial process of getting used to running. The town has a 5K run in a few weeks and I'll run the course on Sunday to see if I'm up for it. Short distance compared to others here but it's a start.
    Signed up for the 5K, ran the course last week and did fine. Also did a 3.6 mile run yesterday which will likely be my workout run for a while. Not too bad considering I started up with 1.5 mile runs about a month ago which I barely made without stopping. Just hoping I can keep it up when the weather gets colder...still not at the enjoyable level but I'm seeing real fitness benefits.

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    I like participating in events like this.. puts a fun spin on the event, but I know I will still push myself.

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    Set a new personal record in a 5k last saturday! 17:14
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    bittersweet that NYC was cancelled but it was the right call. Still no word from NYRR on how they are going to handle our entries/fee for next year....race fee $250


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    I heard they're opening up the Boston Marathon for some NYC runners this year. Have you heard anything about that? If so, I think it's going to be a huge year in Boston, with some NYC-ers and some Bostoners who deferred from last years hellish heat. Might be an interesting race, though, and is always a great day in Boston.

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    NYRR has been tight lipped on how they are going to handle the situation.....

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    Anybody running in the Sunapee Turkey Trot? That is one hellish hill at the beginning
    "It's so lonely when you don't even know yourself" -Anthony Kiedis

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    Ski Stef-
    I will do the half marathon with you in May!! It is a good goal to set for myself since I am dying to get back into top shape!

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