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    Quote Originally Posted by bvibert View Post

    Dye the rest of the jacket to match the stain. Then you don't have to worry about it again.
    My personality is far too much fun for that!! I tried a black jacket one year..wore it twice HATED IT and never wear it unless I am poaching later in the evenings...
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    Try 2 or 3 Hefeweizen, always works for me

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    Quote Originally Posted by roark View Post
    Whatever you do be sure to keep the waterproofness of the jacket intact - way more important than looks.

    I'd spot treat with liquid nikwak - apply to the spot at rub like heck, then wash per nikwax instructions.
    this - except blot, not rub. we had a morning of freezing rain that coated the lifts then melted up at greek peak and just trashed my jacket with grease spots. i thought it was a goner but mrs snobunski made the save
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    I always re-apply spray on waterproofer after washing any of my jackets or ski pants quiver .
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    Here's an odd fact I learned this Winter. Mt Snow uses a water based grease on the sheave bearings. I guess it has something to do with National Forestland requirements. Anyways, what usually drips on you is the dust from the sheaves. I've found that washing a jacket with Nikwax washer usually does the trick.
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    We dont have that problem at whiteface. The lazy bastards don't grease anything. Then they look at each other funny when the lifts keep breaking down.

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