Mt. Washington via Tuckerman Ravine Trail - 8/12/06


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    Mt. Washington via Tuckerman Ravine Trail - 8/12/06

    Date - 8/12/06

    Hike - Mt. Washington via Tuckerman Ravine Trail

    Degree of Difficulty - Strenuous +

    Vertical Gain - 4250 feet

    Conditions - Sun/Clouds & WIND

    Well, I can finally count myself a real White Mountain man after succesfully climbing to top of the big rockpile. Tuckerman Ravine is something to see, and it was tough but we got it done. 3 of us started out at 8:30AM, and, along with several dozen fellow hikers, went up the Tuckerman Expressway. We were slow - it took us a little over 5 hours since one of our party was cramping badly by the time we got above the top of the bowl and onto the rocks. We stopped every cairn sometimes (maybe 100 feet apart), and Mike made it. But - once up top there was no way he was climbing back down, so we all took the hiker shuttle back to Pinkham Notch. Hate to admit it, but yes, we wussed out. I was happily surprised that I did as well as I did - I could have walked down but we didn't want to split up our party. I think using hiking poles (for the first time ever) made a huge difference. I was tired but not exhausted when we got to the top. We had more sun than clouds for the most part - it was about 45*F at PNVC to start and much colder above the bowl. We all had lots of extra clothes, water and gear, so we were warm enough and well-hydrated (thanks to those that gave me input last week). Still, I sweated thru about 3 layers and could feel the wind once we got onto the rocks. The wind at the top was sustained at 45-50 mph at 1:30PM, but thankfully the clouds broke just as we got there. The summit temp was 35*F and the windchill was 19*F!! We got hit with a few pellets of sleet or hail, but the views were mostly tremendous. It was weird seeing all the hikers wearing winter gear in August!

    And, as always - I forgot the camera, so no pics to offer and no photographic evidence for proof, so you'll just have to take my word for it. Can't wait to do it again. Back up in the WMNF this coming weekend to do Caps Ridge/Gulfside/Clay with the family.

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    At least you did not ride up and hike down. Wow what a temp difference. Can't wait for the temps to hit that level down lower.
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    Yes, hiking poles DO make a big difference...except on really steep hand-over-hand trails. I might look you up if you are going to do Jefferson on Sunday....

    Now that you've been bitten by the bug, you can join me in nabbing the 48 peaks on the 4,000 footer list.

    Great report and congrats!
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    Tuckerman's is my favorite hiking destination in New England.

    Good decisions, there and back, everyone safe.

    Thanks for the report Chile!
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    Nice job, Chile! I have yet to ascend Washington via TRT.
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    Quote Originally Posted by thetrailboss
    .......I might look you up if you are going to do Jefferson on Sunday....
    We'll be hiking again on Saturday and breaking camp/heading south on Sunday. We're actually bypassing the summit of Jefferson and going over the Cornice and Gulfside to the cliffs on Mt. Clay for a family/group lunch hike. The idea is to avoid the rocks up to the summit and let the kids enjoy the views.......

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    Good work Chile, that's something that's been on my long list of things to do for quite a while now.

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    13 trips & I've yet to ascend TRT, I've been down it just once. Have been around it a couple of times on Lion's head & Boott Spur.

    Congratulations .... Too bad about the camera
    Happy Trails, be safe & Good Luck
    Mike P.

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    Great hiking Chile! The 6 lovely ladies and I missed you by a mere day. We will meet yet!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by MtnMagic View Post
    Great hiking Chile! The 6 lovely ladies and I missed you by a mere day. We will meet yet!!
    Magic - About halfway up I met a guy with a big mustache and a white bandanna who heartily wished us "a salubrious good day", and I thought it might be you, the poet laureate of the Whites. Alas, it was some other kind soul.........

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