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    It was close...
    It wasn't me.

    I'm certain we will meet.
    How about the Flags on the 48 weekend? You joining us!
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    Good job on the rockpile Chile!

    I just posted some advice in the hiking forum, but I guess I should read the trip reports first if I've been away for more than a week. A little late, but still valid for anyone else.

    Good decision on keeping the group together. Better to be sure everyone gets down safely.
    You have to do the hard things in life sooner or later. -- Earl Hickey's Karma Guide

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    Thats funny, I think I must have passed you on my way down. I did the tuckerman ravine trail started at 6:00 reached the summit a little before 8:30, poked around the summit for about an hour then came back down and got to my car at noon.

    Here are my pictures:

    I was wearing a navy blue t-shirt with a big soccerball on it from the top of the ehadwall on down. look at my pics, you see the summit temp was 31.7 degrees with 65 mph winds! woohoo!!!!!

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    2.5 hours to get to the top? You are the man. Sorry - don't recall seeing you......

    But those pics certainly look familiar. Thankfully, it cleared up just as we got on top at 130PM, and we could see a long way.

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    I must have said the obligatory "hi" to 250 people heading down the trail, scarey how Ive seen it more packed before

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    Hope to meet all of you at any location on any trail !!

    All the best,

    Our New England Hiking & Adventurer's Group.
    Knowledge. Events. Fellowship. And more!

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