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    Time outs

    Not to be confused with the toddler time-outs.

    Very often, I log on and begin to compose a message. Then when I choose Submit or Preview, I'm prompted to log on again and after doing so, the message area is cleared. (I've learned to copy all my text to avoid retyping.)

    Is there a time-out when composing a message? If there is, would you consider increasing the amout of time?


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    Hi Jimme,

    Same thing used to happen to me. It seems to be around 10 - 15 minutes. If you didn't post, or save a copy you could lose your text. It used to get to me spending the time to put your thoughts into words then suddenly losing them. I too copy my text so as not to lose my original thoughts.

    I guess it's just the way things are.

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    Give me some time to do some thorough research before officially posting a response here, but I'm guessing this is an IE thing more than a phpBB thing. Stay tuned...

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    My guess is it's the "Session length [ seconds ]" option in PHPBB's administration panel.

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    Ayuh. I've often found that if I come onto the site, but at any point am idle for more than "x" minutes (5?) then suddenly all forums are marked as read, presumably because my session has "logged out" (and I no longer show up to others as active on the board, either).
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    Josh is right. The session length was set to 900 seconds (15 minutes). I've increased it to one hour. Hope this helps.
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