Hi Everyone,

I'm working on doing some upgrades from PHPBB for both SkiMRV and SkiADK.

Right now, I have done a test conversion of the database for SkiMRV.

If you are a member, I'd love for someone to check it out -


It's not perfect yet (I still have to import logos / etc.) but in particular check out the forum and let me know what you guys think. It won't stay in sync with forums.skimrv.com but it should be current as of this morning.

You shoudl be able to log in with your existing account info.

I have no plans to upgrade Alpinezone.com just yet, but it may be in the cards in the future. Vbulletin 4 has some decent CMS stuff I'd like to play around with. Anyway - take a look and let me know your thoughts !