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    Looks like a nice place. Notice many ticks in that area? They're predicting this could be a bad year for ticks due to the lack of acorns in the fall.

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    Since I moved to the center of Maine (45 mins south of Moosehead) 6 years ago, my dogs have had a total of three ticks and I had one and I'm outside A LOT. When I lived in PA I would have to check myself after every field crossing and every outing and sometimes would get 4 or 6 a mountain bike ride or hike.

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    Speden, as tomcat mentioned...with as much brush & growth throughout the woods...the colder winter, spring, and fall temps tend to keep the deer tick population down<--(*I am just guessing on this.), up here, in comparison with milder year-round climates, but they are out there. We'll see..

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