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    So who is open in the Northeast right now?

    Loon has done the uploading/downloading on the Gondola for at least the last few years. When they say 10 trails it really means 3. Picked rock, flying fox, and bear claw using East Basin to get back up.
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    Loon: Boyne's Forgotten Resort???

    I'm a big fan of South Peak. I love the lodge, and parking there is so much more convenient than having to hunt down a space between the Octagon and Governor's lodges. The terrain there is mildly entertaining at best, but the new trail they're cutting looks legit....and I will say my friends and...
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    Reminder for all mass drivers

    Thank you for posting that video. It completely changed my outlook on distracted driving.
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    Around 3:20 AM last night, I was woken up by some of the most violently loud thunder I've ever heard.
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    New South Peak Trails

    With 3 legit trails, the trip over to South Peak won't be as painful. On a cold day, I can't stand sitting on the Tote Road for 5 minutes each way with the wind in my face just to ski 3 trails, and that's assuming Ripsaw is open. 2 more trails and the trip will be completely worthwhile.
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    Boston Bruins

    The Garden must have been absolutely rocking when Satan scored that goal...even the TV camera was shaking! Great game.
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    Is winter over in the Northeast?

    It was a lot more than 10 days early this year. It was the first March here I can remember in a long time without any snow besides only a dusting.
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    Is winter over in the Northeast?

    I only got 3 powder days this year, which is not nearly enough. Way too much spring skiing / skiing in the rain. The only really good stretches of this year were last week of December - first week of January and last week in February. Jan/Feb were only mediocre in my opinion. December was about...
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    Wildcat 3/16

    Loon did not get 11 inches. I was there monday and tuesday. From my observation, it was much closer to 6" at the summit, with 1-3" as little as 100 feet down from the summit. It was very wet, sloppy snow, as you would expect from this storm. the bottom got 100% rain with some nasty bare spots to...
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    Loon Mountain 3/13

    I was there yesterday (monday) and today. Loon really took a beating from the rain this weekend. bottom half got a lot of rain. lots of bare spots. above Grand Junction or so it snowed. the web site is claiming a foot of snow. don't buy it. it's closer to 6 inches at the very top and 1 or 2"...
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    Question for the dentists.....

    I had it all...braces 4.5 years, pallette expander, and mulitple retainers. I still wear a retainer every other night. My parents had 3 kids in braces at one point. I think all together they paid about $10k, with insurance covering roughly 20 percent, but that was 10 years ago.
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    Up the big wazoo

    That top image is unbelievable! How often is it that NYC and Long Island have snow on the ground and Boston and Portland don't? Also, NH really got the shaft of this storm. Bummer. Scratch that....they got the shaft of the year.
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    The Official Insomniacs Thread

    Research paper. It's going to be a long night for me. Reading this thread is pretty comforting though!
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    Who has the BEST Conditions right now?(NORTHEAST ONLY)

    At Sunday River last Saturday, I was pretty surprised at the lack of snow. The only reason it was OK was because of the incredible amounts of snow they made up there. Otherwise, hard pack or thin cover. From what I've seen online, I think VT is better off than Maine right now. Maine hasn't...
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    2/10 Storm Discussion Thread

    Right now, it's looking like Philly, DC, and Baltimore will all beat Boston in snowfall for the winter. That's pretty crazy considering last year, Boston got about 60 inches and those 3 cities together probably didn't get half that. Probably not too far off of Concord, NH either, and way closer...