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Recent content by andrec10

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    Your 2021 / 2022 Ski Season Thread

    51 Days as of Monday. Over 1 million vertical. Still plan on a couple of more days. Lots of days at Gore, 7 at Huntah, 1 at West and 5 days at Summit County.
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    Automated Snowmaking

    Gore has many trails of the HKD Cliks. Very cool system!
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    Killington 2 for 1 Tickets

    Are these available any longer?
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    World Cup officially back at Killington this November!

    You need to experience this in person. Its awesome!
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    Scariest peak

    Great Scott at Snowbird is the real deal.
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    Scariest peak

    Low visibility at Snowbird can get you into trouble!
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    Dog thread

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    Your 2020 / 2021 Ski Season Thread

    Hit day 43 Last Saturday between Gore and Hunter. Was hoping for more, but Mother Nature and the fact that we are putting our house on the market in May, put a kibosh on that.
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    Wear and tear on ski boots - does this affect binding release?

    It does impact release. Just wear cat tracks and problem solved.
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    The most dreaded thread of the year.... The Closing thread......

    Hunter will never make it 3 more weekends. Maybe 2. It was melting before our eyes today and yesterday.
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    Who's buying their 21/22 pass early?

    Building a house within walking Distance of West Mtn. 35-40 mins to Gore. 1.5 to Killington and Whiteface. 10 mins to Lake George. Saratoga Springs prices have gotten out of hand. My son went to Grad school at Sage in Troy. They all called Troy, Troilet.
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    It was nice today. No way they make it till April 11th! Trail count will plummet this week. I already put away my new skis. Rock skis from here on out!
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    Damage report thread

    Vail, snowmaking? HAHAHA. It was definitely Huntah hardpack yesterday. They finally groomed Claire's, even though I had no issue with it, someone is gonna get hurt on it till its groomed a few more times.