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Recent content by asnowmobiler

  1. asnowmobiler

    Weekend storm thread....

    Looking at MT Snow web cam, they got close to a foot.
  2. asnowmobiler

    Skier dies at Whiteface

    I don't know, I wondered the same thing. This year I bought a race style one for the extra protection.
  3. asnowmobiler

    Skier dies at Whiteface

    From what I heard he lost control and hit a tree. WILMINGTON — A 22-year-old college student from Pennsylvania died while skiing at Whiteface Mountain Tuesday, State Police said. Essex County Coroner Jerod Heidrick responded to the scene and pronounced Bernhard T. Kahlau, of Mountain Top...
  4. asnowmobiler

    Transitioning to Skis.(beginner-intermediate, gear recommendation)

    "Do you have any specifics I should keep in mind when looking for boots like stiffness, flexibility ect? I know that I should make sure they are true to size and not go slightly bigger since that will cause problems as your start breaking them in." Too many variables to make any recommendation...
  5. asnowmobiler

    Transitioning to Skis.(beginner-intermediate, gear recommendation)

    I think you are on the right track with your ski choices, they are both a mid level ski that should be great to progress with. As for boots, you should really find a shop with a highly qualified boot fitter. My boot fitter does not sell boots. After an hour or so evaluation, he recommends a...
  6. asnowmobiler

    Killington or whiteface for a beginner?

    I agree. That whole section on lookers right is a really nice secluded beginners area.
  7. asnowmobiler

    Hunter's Mt Status and Snow reports

    I know they say they are going to be open tomorrow, but I'm not sure if I trust them enough to get up early and drive 3 hours wondering the time if they will be open when I get there.
  8. asnowmobiler

    Jack Frost Ski area

    I have not been inside. You can only go in to go to the bathroom or grab a snack to take back outside to eat. The Epic pass can stay in your pocket, they have handheld RFID readers that work very well. You must boot up at your car. If you need to get a ticket for the day, you will need to stand...
  9. asnowmobiler


    A friend took these pictures of the ticket line today at Jack Frost.
  10. asnowmobiler


    Sadly because of the travel restriction, I'm stuck skiing Jack Frost and Big Boulder. They had two top to bottom runs on opening day, since then they have opened one new run, even though we received over a foot of snow and it has been cold enough to make snow almost 24 hrs a day for over a week...
  11. asnowmobiler


    Yep... total BS that they don’t have More open, Blue is way ahead of them. My Buddy did say they were blowing on a lot of the closed runs today.
  12. asnowmobiler


    I just got a call from a buddy skiing at Jack Frost, he said they had a line of almost 200 people waiting to get tickets. He also said the lift lines were getting so long that he left at 11:30 and having basically only three short runs open, it was not worth staying. He drove 3 hours to get...
  13. asnowmobiler

    A flatlander storm Wednesday?

    My 4 wheeler was screaming the same thing, it was not easy to plow. I normally do a much better job clearing my driveway, but I gave up after a few hours.
  14. asnowmobiler


    My deck about 5 miles south (crows fly) of BB. Some sleet may have mixed in because it was not easy clearing my driveway.