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Recent content by BackLoafRiver

  1. Bond Brook

    Bond Brook

    MTB at Bond Brook
  2. Sugarloaf 1/2

    Sugarloaf 1/2

  3. BackLoafRiver

    Fat Bikes

    Nice pics indeed!!! Riding here has been a bust for the past two weeks unless you had some studs and a whole lot of courage. The random 3" we just got won't do a ton to help it. As with most things winter, we are in need of some snow. The upside is that I hear Mass is rolling pretty well...
  4. BackLoafRiver

    Wicked Ride

    You should come up! Free chili. There'll be beeeeeeeeeer Sent from my iPhone using AlpineZone
  5. BackLoafRiver

    Wicked Ride

    Was considering doing the "Wicked Ride of the East" http://www.nemba.org/events/wicked-ride-east on the 30th. Anyone ridden it or planning on doing it? Was going to try and get there early, do the route, then do some demos.
  6. BackLoafRiver

    401 Advice

    Right now, we are riding Curt Gowdy in WY then driving straight to Crested Butte. 401 is on our second day there. The first day, we are doing the Lupine trail but not sure what else. Suggestions? Sent from my iPhone using AlpineZone
  7. BackLoafRiver

    For Sale FS: Santa Cruz Bronson

    Probably no one in here looking but I thought I'd put it here just in case. I've made a bunch of improvements. Just looking for something a bit different. (I have a problem...) http://m.pinkbike.com/buysell/2014383/ Sent from my iPhone using AlpineZone
  8. BackLoafRiver

    Western North Carolina

    Nice report! DuPont is supposed to be the bees knees. Glad you had a great trip. I'd love to head down there some day. Sent from my iPhone using AlpineZone
  9. BackLoafRiver

    401 Advice

    So, in 3 weeks a buddy of mine and I will be doing a cross country trip of sorts with the end goal being Crested Butte. (Fruita and Moab are for another time) After thinking about where we wanted to go, CB seemed to be the perfect fit. Have any of you ridden out there? I've done a bunch of...
  10. BackLoafRiver

    Sugarloaf Trail 9.28.13

    There's a campground in Kingfield but, if it were me, I'd look at staying at the Stratton Brook hut. You can swim along the river and the ride down Oak Knoll is worth it. I'm not certain about camping along the river proper. A quick Google search revealed nothing. Call or Facebook either the...
  11. BackLoafRiver

    The carnage thread

    May as well. I had thought about building a hard tail but, I am never going to make it happen :)
  12. BackLoafRiver

    The carnage thread

    I've got a set of DT Swiss 350 built to a set of WTB i23 rims (27.5) just collecting dust. Too lazy to post them online. Sent from my iPhone using AlpineZone
  13. BackLoafRiver

    The carnage thread

    I feel like there is a story behind it. Massive hit? What number hub is this for you? Do you have a spare? Sorry buddy. That blows.
  14. BackLoafRiver

    The carnage thread

    Brought it in yesterday. Apparently it isn't big enough to cause failure but it was good to notice. He wasn't sure it would get bigger but advised me to keep an eye on it. He did, however, pick up on an issue with my reverb lever. For whatever reason, the post wasn't returning to the up...
  15. BackLoafRiver

    The carnage thread

    hmmm... Found a couple of gouges (nothing big but clearly more than a surface scratch) on my frame while giving it a cleaning the other day. It's carbon...wondering if it is something to look in to or if it is more cosmetic. Im freaked that the carbon could fail. Thoughts?