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Recent content by bdfreetuna

  1. bdfreetuna

    The "Sugarbush Thread"

    It's obviously 2 ski areas that are loosely connected and down the road from each other owned by the same establishment. Technically you can ski both in one day if you pay the high price for both/Lincoln but most people, most of the time, will see no need to do so. The one lift ticket concept...
  2. bdfreetuna

    Lucky Rescue in Les Arcs

    dang.. that guy wasn't going anywhere Nice save
  3. bdfreetuna

    Sugarbush 3/8-3/10/20

    Hows the base up in those trees?
  4. bdfreetuna

    Fly vs Drive: Break even point

    ^ There is a bunch of raw data I linked to you a couple days ago, showing extremely low mortality for anyone under ~70 and without underlying illness. You didn't seem receptive to it and still promoting a worst-case scenario. I can only assume you watch a lot of television. Respectfully. This...
  5. bdfreetuna

    The NEW Magic Mountain

    Didn't open up until enough sun warmed it up early afternoon. I always in favor of runs being open (with a warning sign or whatever) but this was pretty hairy even once it "softened up". Glad we got to ski it though.
  6. bdfreetuna

    Nashoba Valley - 3/4/2020

    I haven't skied Nashoba since I was a kid, but that place was cool as heck to me at the time. Skis like a big snow dome with some strips of trees. I remember straight lining the mountain and thinking I was a bad ass.
  7. bdfreetuna

    The NEW Magic Mountain

    Today was fun up there, took my wife and we talked about the family friendly atmosphere and great learning area. Conditions were thin spring with everything from ice to bare and usually plenty of snow in between. My wife was up for some adventure, happy to pick her way through a very-thin and...
  8. bdfreetuna

    Superpasses: more crowds?

    Wonder if $139 window rate has anything to do with that lol
  9. bdfreetuna

    Fly vs Drive: Break even point

    You'd have to tell me if it's a natural mutation or if it isn't. And if it isn't, you'd have to tell me what the purpose was behind making it. Here is the "strong evidence" I cited a few posts back...
  10. bdfreetuna

    Fly vs Drive: Break even point

    Tom Cotton mentioned the fact there is a Level 4 Bio lab in Wuhan. Feel free to explore that rabbit hole if you like. Separate China/Wuhan cases from the rest of the world and the anomaly is striking. Again-- where are the masses of people going into convulsions? There's a secondary...
  11. bdfreetuna

    Fly vs Drive: Break even point

    This is updated daily. You can see mortality rate broken down by age group, preexisting conditions, etc. Once you look at the data it's pretty clear Covid19 is almost a non-issue if you're not getting up in age with poor health already. I don't think it's accurate to say "it's killing the young...
  12. bdfreetuna

    Fly vs Drive: Break even point

    I think we're going to find out eventually a lot of the population caught the virus, in many cases already, and thought it was a regular cold or maybe an unusual cold. Since it is so mild in most people and resembles cold, vast majority of cases go unreported and people recover easily and...
  13. bdfreetuna

    Fly vs Drive: Break even point

    I agree up until a certain point and you mention the direct injection issue next. Add a turbo to direct injection and you have a platform a lot more dependent on quality oil than port injected naturally aspirated. So it seems to me the "hey day" for using crap oil and long OCI was 90's into...
  14. bdfreetuna

    Gore NY thread

    Thanks. Yea my guess is Burnt might be dunzo unless they get proactive on opening but upper mountain should be good for a while. I'm hoping there's also a temporary ice factor (why Rumor is closed as well I assume) and this stuff will open up again for spring skiing
  15. bdfreetuna

    Gore NY thread

    Anyone with recent intel on conditions of the woods. I am hoping most of the woods are currently closed due to being icy, rather than lack of base. Trying to figure out plan of attack for next month and if I'll be burning or using my Gore days on MyChamplainValley card. If the woods at Gore are...