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Recent content by buellski

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    Word Association Thread

    cogswell cogs
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    Word Association Thread

  3. buellski

    Word Association Thread

  4. buellski

    Word Association Thread

  5. buellski

    Word Association Thread

  6. buellski

    Word Association Thread

  7. buellski

    Word Association Thread

  8. buellski

    Youtube Gems

    Candide Thovex Audi Quattro behind the scenes I think the original ad was posted here somewhere. Here's a link to behind the scenes:
  9. buellski

    WTF with all the back packs

    Homage to the Gaper Spirit Animal!
  10. buellski

    Skier Death at Breckenridge

    My daughter took a spill at Bretton Woods this past weekend and cracked her helmet. I didn't see it, but my wife was skiing behind her and was pretty upset by the fall my daughter took. Nothing more than a minor concussion and some sore muscles from the fall. I'm certainly glad she was wearing...
  11. buellski

    ski tuning and work bench

    Here's my DIY bench. Rather than carry the 2x4 across the front, I stepped it back a couple of inches in between the legs and added a piece of 1x under the plywood to give my vises a better mount. As soon as the season is over, the vises come off and it's a normal workbench.
  12. buellski

    Snow Bike Rentals

  13. buellski

    What do you like about skiing besides skiing

    Watching my kids getting better and faster each season. TNRL apres!
  14. buellski

    Keystone 12/18/2016

    You obviously have never skied at the Whale :-P
  15. buellski

    Bike Quiver

    2015 YT Tues AL 2014 Kona Process 134 2007 Rocky Mountain Trailhead (turned into a stationary trainer)