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Recent content by Charlie Schuessler

  1. Charlie Schuessler

    Clipless pedals - do you pull on the upstroke?

    The knees go up/down...pedals go round with subtle forward push over the top and subtle back slide on the bottom...consistency is the key…
  2. Charlie Schuessler

    Hiking Footwear

    I'm Old-School...Seemeless High-Top Leathers... kind of a Chuck Taylor standard...
  3. Charlie Schuessler

    Roadies - What do you carry?

    Every day road ride I've got road ID, 2-CO, 2-tubes, self-glue patch kit, multi-tool, 2-levers, 2-master link, chain tool, sun block and a few $$$. Long rides depending weather rain coat, arm/leg warmers, vest or jacket rolled in back pockets...
  4. Charlie Schuessler

    Which 2012 Season Pass for You?

    Crotched Mountain will be the local season pass... I'll wait to see what Killington has to offer...this year's K-55 worked out great!
  5. Charlie Schuessler

    How was Cannon? Are you ready to turn on tele skis yet?

    How was Cannon? Are you ready to turn on tele skis yet?
  6. Charlie Schuessler

    Crotched Mountain - Bennington NH - Dec 4/5 2010

    Dec 4 & 5 2010 Crotched Mountain, Bennington New Hampshire Man-Made – Packed Granular Top to bottom skiing both days with three trails open Saturday and 4 trails open Sunday. Snow guns going through the night up until 8:30 or so in the morning with the groomers tilling just before the lifts...
  7. Charlie Schuessler

    Are private ski lessons worth the price?

    Private lessons are worth every penny! Books written by professional instructors such as Warren Witherall and video’s produced by Al Hobart are very helpful, and combined with good instruction can help you develope skills fast. However magazine articles are not…as I recall one of the larger...
  8. Charlie Schuessler

    Boston Ski Show 2010

    Went to the show Thursday evening, good deals...GREAT DEAL for BURKE MOUNTAIN 3-Day(s) Pass for $99 which you can use anyway you’d like... and the Mohican Devil himself Glen Plake was there signing autographs and being a real gentleman...
  9. Charlie Schuessler

    Season Passes

    I've never been impressed with the remote scanners on the mountain; apparently they're not either... I try to think of it from the operations point of view, besides pass security they want to get the pass holder in the building closer to the other revenue stream sources… remember the season pass...
  10. Charlie Schuessler

    Season Passes

    It's their way of preventing season pass fraud your photo shows up on their screen when they swipe your card...
  11. Charlie Schuessler

    Pats Peak Octoberfest - NOV 7

    Octoberfest in November... Sunday is usually a fun time, shops with products and lots of private swap/sale stuff and the ompah band with descent food and good brew... 11-AM to 6-PM Some of the website information German Food Fest under the Elan-Dalbello Big Top 11am-5:30pm Harpoon Brewery...
  12. Charlie Schuessler

    Season Passes

    I lost count of the years with a season pass, but I do get one every year...
  13. Charlie Schuessler

    sundown, crotched, other lesser crowded areas

    Crotched Mountain in Bennington NH is a fun mountain with two lifts taking you to the east and west shoulders of the peak and one peak chair. A fourth chair serves the lower elevation trails and park area. The snow making and trail grooming is very good with natural conditions for advance...
  14. Charlie Schuessler

    N Pack Monadnock, NH, Sept. 19, 2010

    North Pak is my Sunday morning take the dog for a walk trail and since it is on a back road usually locals are on it... the Raymond Trail over at South Pak is also a nice walk until you get to the Summit where you will meet up with the car people...two distinct summits...