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Recent content by crank

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    Looking for recommendations

    Gore is kind of a disjointed hill with lots of skating on skis and unstrapping and walking on boards. You might be happier doing a Stratton, Bromely, Magic, Okemo trip... all in southern VT.
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    Europe 2022 ?

    Our club's trip to the Dolomites las March got cancelled. We got airfare refunded and have a credit at the hotel. Can;t use it this season either. Hopefully 2022. Anyway, most European trips at hotels include breakfast and dinner. Some areas are very affordable some are pricey. I led a...
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    Killington or whiteface for a beginner?

    Greek Peak and hang in Ithaca.
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    Hunter's Mt Status and Snow reports

    Good. We are skiing tomorrow.
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    Hunter's Mt Status and Snow reports

    We went xc ing at Fahnestock yesterday. Trails were mostly packed and smoothed. It was actually closed but the road in was open and the parking lot plowed. There were maybe 4 cars in the lot. Groomers were out and saw us. Didn't seem to mind that we were out poaching. Awesome day! Perfect...
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    The "Sugarbush Thread"

    They are hoping that more people will comply with the shortened time period.
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    Ikon Pass Refund

    To speak to OP's question: When we bought out Ikon's this year they were very clear that there would not be refunds, only deferments. Waiting to see what shakes out before deciding whehter to use or defer.
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    Are you the slow driver or the fast driver?

    SUV's are better at going in the snow and that breeds confidence which is shattered when the driver hits the brakes and slides off the freaking road. I am middling driver. In clear weather and on dry roads I usually have cruise control on set for about 8 - 10 mph above the posted speed limit...
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    Steamboat vs Utah

    We skied a January week at Steamboat last season. Here's my take: Great trees and really nice rounded bumps. It is a big area, however, it mostly looks and skis the same. We lucked out into a snowy week! Town is so so IMO. Tons of traffic down a wide Mains Street which cuts through the...
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    Which of these is like the other?

    Whiteface is like a tilted ironing board.
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    Quebec the roads less traveled

    Probably around 6 hours to Quebec. Another hour to Le Massif. Plenty of lodging options in Quebec or around Ste Anne. Not so much right near Massif.
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    Quebec the roads less traveled

    A trip I have contemplated also. It would be more for the experience and exploring a new to me region than anything else. A friend of a friend has been skiing and back country skiing there. He told me it was OK - not great. I am sure a week in BC or Europe would have bigger and more...
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    Mont Tremblant Recommendations

    Been a few times and like staying in the village. Nice to not have to drive once you get there.
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    Canadian school vacation weeks (Sutton)

    I also like the terrain better at Ste Anne. Some great bump runs and I like that big, wide La Crete black groomer run all the way to skiers right. Though there is better tree skiing, IMO, south of the Border at Jay, Smuggs, Stowe, Sugarbush and MRG. Than either Le Massiff or Ste Anne. Also...
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    Canadian school vacation weeks (Sutton)

    Both Ste Anne and Le Massiff have a lot good top to bottom skiing. Ste Anne has some pods with less. Massiff has at least 1 chair where you don't have to ski all the way to the bottom. At Massiff you start out at the top and ski down to the lifts. Gondola line is usually the longest.