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Recent content by crystalmountainskier

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    Jet Blue is pissing me off

    It's actually not. Mishandled bag rates have been declining for years thanks to modern tracking technology. Only about 4 in 1,000 bags are delayed. American and United are on the higher end while Delta, Southwest and JetBlue are the best. Keep your boots with you and you'll be fine.
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    Jet Blue is pissing me off

    Gary Kelly said on CNBC yesterday pilots were actually picking up more trips last weekend than average.
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    Jet Blue is pissing me off

    That's not the policy. If a Southwest flight is delayed by more than 90 minutes or canceled, the passenger is entitled to a refund. Not a credit. The reason for the delay doesn't matter. The airlines seem to have done a really good job preventing people from understanding their rights.
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    Vail's Big Northeast Improvements- 2022-2023

    The sky may be blue tomorrow but going forward it may be green.
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    Powdr is going FastPass at Copper, K, Snowbird and Bachelor

    Where are you getting that Snowbird gets no cash from Ikon visits?
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    Jet Blue is pissing me off

    Of course the airline will give you a credit if you don't specify. Call and ask for a refund. They are required by law to give you one if the flights were changed significantly from what you booked.
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    Jet Blue is pissing me off

    All the airlines are adjusting schedules like crazy now. It doesn't matter which one, if you book more than a few months out, the schedule will change. The good news is once the airline makes a change you are entitled to a free change to what you want or full refund.
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    "Normalcy" -- the lightness of touring the Canadian Maritimes

    Abbotsford, British Columbia. It was a ghost town which might have been part of my problem.
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    "Normalcy" -- the lightness of touring the Canadian Maritimes

    My most recent Canadian border crossing experience was also terrible. They didn't like my Covid test even though it met all published requirements (PCR, FDA approved, within 72 hours, etc.) Got grilled for nearly an hour on my intentions and physically searched. All to go on a couple day...
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    Indy Ski Pass

    Yeah really obnoxious. I expect that crap from Ticketmaster, not a company marketing independent ski resort passes.
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    I would think no news = no deal.
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    Will Americans be Allowed to Ski in Canada Next Winter?

    They accept paper vaccine cards for Canadians so Americans should be no different once the border opens.