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    My wife was passing a beginner that was snowplowing down a narrow blue trail and yelled on your right and he turned to the right and across her skis and she double ejected and supermaned it elbows first driving the humerus head into the humerus giving her 7 fractures. I passed him earlier but...
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    Cannon Lover's Thread

    Do you have to go through the middle of the park to get to Gremlin? Or on Lower Cannon can you ski down on the right and cut over? It is still under the Eagle Cliff chair?
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    Skier visits = around 60,000 for Wildcat and 120,000 for Attitash
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    Don't get me wrong, but Vail did not buy Peaks for Wildcat or Attitash. They bought it for the NY/CT market share, I am sure everyone here knows that. They want skiers and snowboarders who hold local season passes in the Northeast to travel to their bigger western resorts. They will focus on...
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    Transitioning to Skis.(beginner-intermediate, gear recommendation)

    Rossignol Experience 74 is another consideration. As far as having a binding that has a top din of 12 is not that important. You probably will not ski aggressively and you are not heavy or tall. If those are a factor than a beginner-intermediate ski would not be good. Sounds like that is not...
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    COVID concerns in the Northeast

    round trip or one way? My wife is booking us flights that are 99 each way per person to Denver from/to Boston so about $429 after other fees and taxes. @abc I am not being arrogant. We follow the rules, with masks and social distancing, washing hands & face, etc., I am going to live my life...
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    All mountain ski for intermediate

    Agree! I have not skied the Enforcer or Brahma but I have fried that enjoy them. I have demo'd Experience 88 and find that they carve really well. Along the same line the Salomon QST 92 which I also demo'd was a fun ski as well. @Smitty244 it sounds like you like to rip the groomers. What...
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    Singles Line

    good role reversal! rather than some one telling someone who does not want to get on a lift with someone else to stay home. Tell the people who are not concerned to go else where.
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    Month long trip to Colorado......

    We stay in Dillon - VRBO. We used to live in Colorado Springs and did day trips. Now it will be weekend trips!
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    COVID concerns in the Northeast

    I think a majority of the people have covid fatigue and are going about things as close to normal as they were pre-covid and are ignoring all these rules that are hard enough to follow. I know we have lived our lives close to normal this whole time since March! I would go crazy living in fear...
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    COVID concerns in the Northeast

    I agree with that as well!
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    COVID concerns in the Northeast

    So how does that work? If a person from MA goes to another state for the weekend, then technically they are required to quarantine, right? How many people are going out of state and returning and it is business as usual. Personally - I do not care!
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    COVID concerns in the Northeast

    Based on some of the posts on this forum, I am not sure people are following quarantine rules in Vermont. Which I suspected would be the case. One example is the case where a NY state person is asking about skiing in VT, Are the ski areas managing this?
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    Singles Line

    Masks are great for blocking trajectories like larger droplets but the micro droplets are easily blown out the sides of a mask and can be inhaled in the same way. If you go to a restaurant, sit on a plane, ride on a commuter rail like in the Denver airport, shopped in the malls or other...