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Recent content by Euler

  1. Euler

    Stowe or Okemo this weekend?

    The blues at Stowe are steeper pitch than the blacks at Okemo for the most part.
  2. Euler

    Magic Mtn VT . 3/8/19

    Made a quick trip to Magic this morning to get some fresh air and sunshine. I was one of only about 10 cars in the lot when I arrived at 8:45, but I was pleasantly surprised to see the main lot was full and there was a row of cars in Lot B when I left close to noon. I sampled: Wizard top to...
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  5. Euler

    Stratton Glade Conditions

    No need for rock skis...sorcerer, talisman and heart of magician all skiing well with some bumps, some icy patches and lots of patches of nice soft snow to turn in. Tonights 4-6 inches follwed by days and days of cold will keep it nice for you.
  6. Euler

    The NEW Magic Mountain

    I spent the morning there today....The place is skiing great! Low angle trees of the Green Chair were super fun (White Kitten and Disappearing Act, I think) . snow was soft in the woods there. Sorcerer, Talisman, and Heart of Magician all fun...some small bumps, some icy patches, but also TONS...
  7. Euler

    WST (Weekend Speculation Thread): Lion or Lamb? March 2-3

    When a grown man comments on the sexuality of 14 and 15 year olds it's gross and it's wrong. If you want to defend it....
  8. Euler

    WST (Weekend Speculation Thread): Lion or Lamb? March 2-3

    Pedophile is another way to say it. Gross
  9. Euler

    Black Mountain (NH) 2/2....Sunday River 2/3

    LOTS of snow in northern New England. Holy s$#t!!! I had an opportunity to meet my daughter at Sunday River yesterday for a ski day, so I took advantage of the Freedom Alliance part of my Magic pass and visited Black Mountain NH on the way up on Saturday. Black Mountain is a locals hill in...
  10. Euler

    Speculation about MLK weekend storm....

    I have to work SUnday and Monday so it's prolly gonna snow ALOT in SoVT..... :(
  11. Euler

    The NEW Magic Mountain

    I skied Magic yesterday from 11-3....ski on both Red and Green the entire time. Just as important as the new lift is the snowmaking and grooming. Magic is no longer a place that should be thought of as an "only go when the snow is great" kind of place. The snow in Southern VT this year has...
  12. Euler

    Towns near Stratton or Mt.Snow

    Wow...never thought I'd see Shaw's and awesome used together in the same sentence like that!
  13. Euler

    Mtn loyalist/passholder vs independent/chase the snow week to week.. debate on!!!!

    I feel the same way about SoVT. My times to get places are substantially longer than yours, but I get to enjoy a rural lifestyle I really dig while still being within reasonable daytripping distance from Boston, Surfing, and right in the heart of ski country. Not much in the way of jobs or...
  14. Euler

    Skiing on the cheap - 2018-19

    Holiday week and discounts are like oil and water, sorry