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Recent content by Glenn

  1. Glenn

    All Aboard! The Hype Train it leaving the station...

    Trending cooler in the Southern Greens.....
  2. Glenn

    LV is back on the market

    Celebrity news? I'll fill this under WGAF. Who Gives A......
  3. Glenn

    A flatlander storm Wednesday?

    This delivered much better for ski country than initially anticipated.
  4. Glenn

    first real storm?

    Did any areas get snow out of this one?
  5. Glenn

    Praises for the EPIC pass reservation system

    Sums is up nicely. My wife and I are usually really looking forward to getting out on the hill this weekend. This year, not so much. We've even said that if things don't improve, we'll just roll the passes to next year. I'm hoping things settle down a bit with the travel restrictions, resorts...
  6. Glenn

    Per Channel 5: Wachusett Opening Friday

    I looked at that pic: "Wasn't it in the 50's Friday? Why are they wearing gators/masks?" Oh, it's 2020....
  7. Glenn

    where my 40 year olds at ?

    Happy Belated! It sneaks up fast; I can't believe how quickly time flies. I did get carded buying beer in New Hampshire this summer...it made my week.
  8. Glenn

    Winter 2020-2021

    Based on what NWS says, it's not looking great for winter sports. Based on the Farmer's Almanac, it'll be great for winter sports. Given how 2020 has been and this craziness will not end at 11:59PM on 12/31....who knows!
  9. Glenn

    Ski Resort Response to COVID-19

    I believe we can roll our passes to next season if we decide we don't want to use them (Stratton). We typically get our first turns in on Thanksgiving weekend; usually Thanksgiving day. That won't happen this year. We're going to sit out until probably late December/New Years and see how things...
  10. Glenn

    Harris Hill Ski Jump cancelled

    That's too bad, it's a really fun event to attend.
  11. Glenn

    Big Snow NJ 10/7/20

    That's pretty cool! A nice way to get some turns in this early and without a long drive. I take it not too far of a ride for you?
  12. Glenn

    AlpineZone no longer available in the Apple App Store... WTF?

    I think Tapatalk still works...
  13. Glenn

    Snow Valley For Sale

    http://www.strattonhome.com/listing/4826030/90-snow-valley-winhall-vt-05340/ The description is a little vague. Not sure if it's the ski area itself or the land next to it.
  14. Glenn

    Ski Gear Inventory

    Wondering how the Labor Day tent sales looked this year. We didn't make out this time around.
  15. Glenn

    The first permanent closure in NE

    Just found out about this recently via a post on social media. How sad! I learned to ski there in the 1980's. Definitely one of the older ski areas out there too. It's tough when these smaller hills close down.