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Recent content by gmcunni

  1. gmcunni

    Singles Line

    same at Breckenridge. on a quad - they'd pair up a double and a single. on 6 pack, a 4+1 or 3+2, all with the intent of leaving a space between parties. most of the lifties asked if we were OK with having a "stranger" on the chair with us.
  2. gmcunni

    Singles Line

    singles line alive and well at Breckenridge
  3. gmcunni


    I skied Breckenridge yesterday, it didn't suck.
  4. gmcunni

    Need recommendation on GPS tracker for ski

    BUMP - tried to upload my TRACE session today and it failed. Google search tells me that they've canned the app ( not they seem to be focused on Soccer). What's everybody using these days?
  5. gmcunni

    AlpineZone - Forum Upgrade Mega Thread

    ok, got it. basically on iphone (perhaps andriod too) there is no "app". we're just using the browser. can add an icon (a browser short cut ) to home screen on phone if want to or just use bookmarks within the browser. right?
  6. gmcunni

    AlpineZone - Forum Upgrade Mega Thread

    Hey Nick - i'm slow this morning. I used to use the old (original) AZ app on iphone. what should i be using now on iphone? old app is just blank (no content) so i assume that's not the way.
  7. gmcunni

    A-basin reopening on Wednesday

    i was in Breckenridge this weekend, they had a lot of snow left. i'm jealous of those who get to go to ABasin, won't be in the cards for me.
  8. gmcunni

    Vail suspending all ski operations immediately

    refunds some $$ back https://www.epicpass.com/info/2019-2020-pass-holder-credit.aspx
  9. gmcunni

    legalize it already

    on a related note - here in CO - “Marijuana dispensaries” are among the “critical” businesses in Colorado that are permitted to stay open under a stay-at-home order issued Wednesday by the governor.
  10. gmcunni

    Who is OPEN Still

    i worked from home for almost 10 years. I just went back to an office in Jan... now i'm home again.
  11. gmcunni

    Skiing with a Drone

    Lol https://www.reddit.com/r/PublicFreakout/comments/fdw9oa/im_not_fucking_relaxing/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf
  12. gmcunni

    AlpineZone - New Ownership

    where did he go?
  13. gmcunni

    Skiing Alone ...

    stopped skiing alone or stopped skiing?