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Recent content by gorge83

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    underseat storage ideas

    I'm looking for a storage unit that I place inside my truck. I'm leaning towards the Du-Ha storage system. Does anyone have one? I'm curious if the plastic material is durable. If you have other suggestions/storage ideas, please let me know. Thanks!
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    Fat Bikes

    Nice scenery. Never tried riding a fat bike in the snow.
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    Do You Bring Booze on your Backpacking Trips?

    Whiskey for me. It's quite relaxing.
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    Why do you like your ski boots?

    I also love wearing my Panterra boots. They are very comfy.
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    Used skis

    ANother vote for craigslist and your local ski swap.
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    Ski recommendations

    I got a demo ski from Powder7 also, and have no complaints so far.
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    What's Your Favorite Camp/Backpacking Recipe?

    Not a recipe but I always bring Peanut butter Clif bars and beef jerky.
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    What Kind of Flashlight Do You Use?

    I use a Fenix PD35. Compact and very bright.
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    Red Bull Snow Bikes

    Wow! Looks like a fun snow bike.
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    Outdoor Master Goggles

    How's the quality and fit of Smith Squad goggles?
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    Please help me find a boot bag to purchase

    I know there are boot bags in 38x36.
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    What should you wear inside your ski jacket?

    I like wearing a crew neck sweater under my ski jacket.