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Recent content by Huck_It_Baby

  1. Huck_It_Baby


    Holy OLD thread!
  2. Huck_It_Baby

    Bruce Trail Waterfall Line

    It has to snow to go skiing.
  3. Huck_It_Baby

    Western skiing stoke (dreamin')

    I don't follow. Flat light or flat terrain? If you are on small mobile screen you prob can't see all the powder tracks which is why I posted. Pics never do it justice.
  4. Huck_It_Baby

    Western skiing stoke (dreamin')

    Keystone on Saturday. Skied untracked in the trees and hike-to terrain all morning. Lots more snow coming! yay!
  5. Huck_It_Baby

    How Many Ski Days for the 2015 - 16 season?

    Bottom of River run looks bare but it did last year at opening as well. Assuming they open I'm going Sat regardless of rocks and WROD.
  6. Huck_It_Baby

    How Many Ski Days for the 2015 - 16 season?

    Nice. hitting Keystone opening this week?
  7. Huck_It_Baby

    WANTED: Splitboard

    Just a thought if you have an old board laying around. DIY... http://www.voile.com/voile-splitboard-hardware/voile-split-kit-diy.html
  8. Huck_It_Baby

    Buffalo Mountain- Silver Couloir

    Denver weather isn't the same as West of the divid. Early season was great but it did feel like a good chunk of the season was more spring-like than winter. I still made lots of powder turns though so I was happy =)
  9. Huck_It_Baby

    Buffalo Mountain- Silver Couloir

    Yeah you should have! I was bummin' in Vail all Winter. Let me know if you make it out this season!
  10. Huck_It_Baby

    Buffalo Mountain- Silver Couloir

    Haven't been the forums in a while but I'm bored and really want to go skiing AND it snowed here in Colorado last night so I'm pumped. My last turns for the season were in June on Buffalo mountain to ski Silver Couloir. It was a tiring hike up as most of the snow was melted (except for the...
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