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Recent content by ironhippy

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    Lucky Rescue in Les Arcs

    I like the second guy coming in. He stops basically on the skiers head and then throws a bunch of more snow on top while trying to dig them out. The first person was seconds away from being done, the 2nd guy just made it worse.
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    avalanche was triggered in the Mines Madeleine area.

    here's an update: https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/montreal/avalanche-gaspesie-chics-chocs-quebec-1.5469032?fbclid=IwAR2hLSiJFgdIc2g6X1dE-blXoUhnmbFZN98EPeJGcJ-1MQ0mKhF8VgIHZTs Someone died :( Serious terrain up there.
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    Quebec the roads less traveled

    It gets cold up here and you want to make sure you have enough layers to cover up.
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    Quebec the roads less traveled

    Mont Miller and Val d'Irene were really cool, but small. Pin Rouge was a disappointment, basically no tree skiing but they did have some pretty steep runs. Lots of easily accessable backcountry up there as well.
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    Quebec the roads less traveled

    I had plans to go to Massif du Sud, but they fell through, it's been on my radar for a number of years. On a clear day you can see it from Mount Saint Anne.
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    Jiminy Peak First Time Skiing Black Diamond

    It's funny how perceptions change. I started skiing again after a 20 year break in 2012. I felt comfortable at the local hill that I had skiied as a kid. In 2013 I went to Quebec and skiied Mount Saint Anne. That first trip I was scared and felt overwhelmed. Less than a year later I returned...
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    Superpasses: more crowds?

    Wait is the OP actually Alpine Zone Greg!?!?! Amazing, keep up the good work at TGR ;)
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    Worst Ski Area Drives for Impatient People

    I can't imagine the drives some of you guys do. My local hill is about 25 - 45 minutes away (depending on the weather) from me. There is no way I'd ski if I had to spend more than 3 hours a day driving. Heck, based on some of your drives, the Chic Chocs are a day trip for me, they're only 6...
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    You know you're a ski bum when

    We should probably be using the term ski-hobo because "ski-bums" have gotten away from their roots.
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    Dog friendly lodging?

    yeah I can understand the cruelty aspect, however the reality is if the dog is properly exercised/stimulated, they will spend most of the day sleeping. Even when we are at home and active, if the dogs aren't involved they are normally napping somewhere. I'd also be worried that someone would...
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    Dog friendly lodging?

    I had a dog with a thick coat that I used to leave in the car during ski days. He prefered to be outside in the winter and would just sleep while I was skiing. However this was always in a lot I could (would) access a couple of times during the day. I would not do it if I could not easily get...
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    Killington zone not secure?

    You worry if you care about your username/password. When it's "Not Secure" the data is being passed back and forth unencrypted, meaning anyone looking at it can see it. As you point out, that's not a big concern if you are just reading text, however when you submit your username and password...
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    Tuckerman's death

    video from the ranger who dug the victim out: https://www.instagram.com/p/BwIxTQuhvob/?fbclid=IwAR3WuCpytGu_NhI1oCM8UdLxsCdDRzID_IQSAZYlkhswV9DeG879v4WKkWk Sounds like it was all on the skier himself, not in Tuckerman's. He had a beacon, but no partner. A beacon won't save you if no one is...
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    The etiquette of passing (on skis)

    Also people who aren't experienced with "on your right" sometimes only hear "right" and think they need to move to their right to get out of the way.
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    Huge Burke and Jay Peak News

    Finally putting all the proceeds from legal pot to good use! ;)