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Recent content by jaytrem

  1. jaytrem

    Vote for Utah ski bus

    Nothing better than interior BC!!!
  2. jaytrem

    Mt Snow 20-21 Intel

    With limited loading on the lifts, I suspect the GSE is moving more people per hour these days. Thanks to the closer chair spacing.
  3. jaytrem

    Singles Line

    Lots of single lines at Mount Snow. They seem to move much quicker than the regular line. They do group up 2 singles when possible
  4. jaytrem

    End of paper trail maps?

    Last year, pre-covid, I was unable to find a map at Copper. Looked pretty good butI don't think I asked anybody for one. Almost all their lift had the safty bar maps. I suspect this will be more common going forward.
  5. jaytrem


    Didn't look like much to me. MS has been pretty lousy at deicing for quite a while now. Stratton, with basically the same weather, always kicks their ass. No attempt to run Sundance was pathetic. Carinthia wasn't bad. Without the quad, Sundance and Ego, the bubble and Canyon lines were one...
  6. jaytrem


    10AM at Mount Snow and they only have Tubleweed, Heavy Metal and Discovery. That 3 inches sure caused them a lit of trouble. They really do suck.
  7. jaytrem


    Mount Snow surprised me with acuracy this morning. 3 inches of snow and now it's raining.
  8. jaytrem

    LV is back on the market

    Awesome! Been waiting for this. Figured when they break up he would start playing like Forest Whitaker in Fast Times. Go Devils!
  9. jaytrem

    Mt Snow 20-21 Intel

    Some were even bumping chairs. All of them seemed to be happy to help out, at least as far as I could tell.
  10. jaytrem


    Looks like Jack Frost got 2 more open for today. Was there yesterday, they had 4 top to bottom and the trees were skiable. I guess they're not into opening trails that could be described as thin cover. Seemed like plenty of snow everywhere, and all closed trail were tracked out and packed...
  11. jaytrem

    Can Okemo overcome 30inches+to open more then 1 lift???

    Stratton does do a good job of getting stuff open. Kicked Mount Snow's butt after the ice storm last year.
  12. jaytrem


    It's been way to cold to have so few runs open. Thread title say it all.
  13. jaytrem

    Confrontation with Holiday Valley Ski Guides

    Okay, 99.9% in the wrong. They were NOT skiing in the woods. There is lots of nice woods skiing at Holiday, and the also have a few marked "glades". What they were skiing was clearly labeled a glade. There is no sign at the top of "Happy Glade" saying it closes at 3PM (they did the google...
  14. jaytrem

    Confrontation with Holiday Valley Ski Guides

    Ski Patrol 100% in the wrong, but at least they weren't total jerks like the Keystone safety assholes.
  15. jaytrem

    JimG. response to COVID-19

    I heard Covid can cause electoral dysfunction, or something like that.