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Recent content by jimk

  1. jimk

    Vote for Utah ski bus

    I guess big snow on a Saturday morning will generate crowds just about everywhere. Do you suppose Sol/Bright is just as busy today? On a day like this I found Park City to actually be a decent crowd avoidance strategy going on some of their higher/steeper terrain. With IKON basic, you need...
  2. jimk

    Europe 2022 ?

    It's looking like French ski resorts will stay closed the entire 20-21 season due to pandemic restrictions. That's a tough situation to say the least. Meanwhile, nearby Swiss resorts are operating on a different set of rules and are not only open, but booming. There is envy among ski town...
  3. jimk

    Vote for Utah ski bus

    TrailBoss, you've probably posted this elsewhere on the site, but how are the lift lines at Alta and Snowbird this season? Have you been happy with how they are dealing with crowds under Covid rules? Any problems getting parking reservations for Snowbird? I'm hoping to make my seasonal...
  4. jimk

    Vote for Utah ski bus

    New governor of Utah is interested in a gondola for Little Cottonwood Canyon and has earmarked $50 million for dealing with transportation issues in the canyons...
  5. jimk

    Europe 2022 ?

    I want all the funky stuff to go away as much as anyone,, but it seems increasingly likely that the rollout of the vaccine and/or the acceptance of the vaccine is going to be a lot slower than hoped, not only in US but around the world. It's possible that a lot of the same restrictions in play...
  6. jimk

    Europe 2022 ?

    I used this company for a good deal on a fun ski trip to Austria about 15 years ago. Amazingly, they still seem to be in business: https://ski-europe.com/deals/ Hopefully, things return to normal by Feb-Mar 2022 as far as travel restrictions go?? I picked one of their cheapest pre-arranged...
  7. jimk

    End of paper trail maps?

    Hopefully, any discontinued paper trail maps make a comeback next year after the covid financial crunch. I have a geography/cartography background so I love 'em as much as the rest of you guys. The ironic thing is a number of places seemed to UP their hardcopy map game by introducing the fancy...
  8. jimk

    Month long trip to Colorado......

    I've spent a fair amount of time in the Dillon/Frisco/Silverthorne area over the years. I'm not a local, but have probably visited the area to ski on about ten different occasions. I spent a month in a condo in Silverthorne in March, 2015 and had a great time. I would agree with ABCs comments...
  9. jimk

    Tailgate Scene

    LOL. I enjoy both of those, but usually not together:-) I like tailgating too and occasionally bring a grill for it, but this winter I'm not sure how things will go with friends, masks, and all the crap associated with covid.
  10. jimk

    The "News of the Weird" Thread

    Weird and not right! https://www.wric.com/news/photo-galleries/photos-rioters-storm-capitol-building/
  11. jimk

    Month long trip to Colorado......

    That looks like what I know as Prima Cornice:
  12. prima cornice vail.jpeg

    prima cornice vail.jpeg

  13. jimk

    COVID concerns in the Northeast

    Another article about skiing during the pandemic: https://www.cnn.com/travel/article/skiing-during-covid-19-vermont-us/index.html It's mostly a collection of anecdotes about skiing different places in the Northeast in early winter 20/21.
  14. jimk

    Month long trip to Colorado......

    Great photos! Thanks for sharing your experience. There is so much griping about so many resorts this winter, esp regarding covid, reservation, and parking issues. It's great to see someone work the system in a very successful way on a long, ambitious trip. Bravo. Were there any days when...
  15. jimk

    What music are you listening to right now?

    Dedicated to those under Ontario lockdown, hope you're back to Free Wheelin' soon: I first heard this one when a teenage buddy played the vinyl at his house for me in 1975. This instrumental cut stopped me in my tracks!