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Recent content by jimmywilson69

  1. jimmywilson69


    While I dont necessarily agree with their response I'm not surprised. Also I think the language was written the way it was sort of intentionally to give them this out. Basically vail is saying screw you. You can ski if you want to break the rules or eat your money. Sucks but also some of...
  2. jimmywilson69

    End of paper trail maps?

    Thats awesome!
  3. jimmywilson69

    All mountain ski for intermediate

    I can tell you that the RipStick 96 is one of the best skis I've ever owned. I would assume that the 88 performs similarly well. Yes to the left and right ski as DickC posted. I can carve very well in them and they have decent float as there is a big shovel on the tip. As can be expected a...
  4. jimmywilson69


    There is a college in Leadville? that'd be an incredibly awesome and distracting place to go to college! so much awesome outdoor stuff to do with that as a home base.
  5. jimmywilson69

    The "Sugarbush Thread"

    There is open, then there is Sugarbush open which is a joke amongst some people I have traveled to VT with in the past. I appreciate that they sign appropriately and give you a warning. That's enough.
  6. jimmywilson69


    I just logged in and also couldn't find it. so I initiated a chat. You setup auto-renew when you purchase if you look under your order history tab you can tell if you are enrolled or not. If you are enrolled and you want to cancel or change your card, you have to contact them.
  7. jimmywilson69

    Singles Line

    wife was skiing by herself this weekend and a guy and his friend wanted to ride up with my wife who was a single. She said no, and proceeded to give her shit until it was her time to load. Probably good she told me this after we got back to the car... I hope the lift hit him hard in the...
  8. jimmywilson69

    COVID concerns in the Northeast

    I feel bad for college and high school age children as socialization is an important part of their life during that age range. As a parent of a College sophomore I can tell you he's been safe, but he's also not sitting in his apartment doing nothing. he's been potentially exposed to COVID...
  9. jimmywilson69

    Tailgate Scene

    we get pretty fancy sometimes with our fare. We had a group of about 50 or so participate in an 80s themed tailgate last year. we made a bunch of different types of meatballs, brought sterno and heat trays. It was a hell of a party and a super nice day. We had people come who didn't even...
  10. jimmywilson69


    Jesus now Vail cut back lodge construction at Killington :LOL: :LOL:
  11. jimmywilson69

    Hunter's Mt Status and Snow reports

    hopefully someone sent that to Katz... I have to wonder how much he is in the loop on the eastern happenings. I can't imagine any CEO not wanting to address this particular issue which shut down a revenue center for several days. Vail not evening wanting to talk to the paper is also a bad...
  12. jimmywilson69

    Tailgate Scene

    I will say this I always in a normal season I visit the bar a few times a year and usually buy a few beers from the courtyard bar on top of that as my Penance. :lol:
  13. jimmywilson69


    other than the angy mob "pressuring" local management to open a week after the planned opening, and after a 10" snow storm. No complaints here. Snowmaking has been strong and operations are seemingly normal. When the hard shut down in mid march comes I'll be pissed again, especially when...
  14. jimmywilson69

    Tailgate Scene

    there is a strong tailgating game at my local hill Roundtop. Has always been this way. If Vail tries to kill it there will be a straight up mutiny.
  15. jimmywilson69

    The "Sugarbush Thread"

    yes thank you. I love hearing about stuff like that. And thanks to Win for still stopping by and keeping us in the loop.