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  • Hello, I would really like to take advantage of the Mt. Ellen 17$ deal on St. Pattys day. I live on Long Island and would be driving up after work on Wednesday 3/16. Depending on when I leave on Wed. I would be arriving between 8-11pm, at this time this looks like a solo-adventure. Also I have never been to MRG and was thinking of checking that out on Friday 3/18. So I would need a place to stay at least Wed./Thur. nights. I hear you offer an AZ discount, could you tell me what that rate would be please? Also I would not mind rooming w/ fellow skiers/riders if that option becomes available, just trying to keep costs to a minimum. Thanx in advance, hope winter makes a come-back, Planx
    Yo Mike! What's up? How's Business? Missed you in the forums. Notsure where you're posting.
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