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    Jay Peak bombshell

    Oh there was a lot of "jest" in my reply , just like there was a lot of "azz covering" in yours..haha My general point is these Jay Peak EB-5 investors will have done very well in a situation that completely blew up on them. Maybe some won't get their green cards, which this was what the...
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    Jay Peak bombshell

    You say this sarcastically but in actuality the Jay peak EB-5 investors who were scammed are getting their money back AND their lawyers paid! (i guess it was safe) Those that are still in the EB-5 program at Jay probably already have their 10 year visas and I believe might have a deep pocket...
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    Is Telemark Dead?

    Wow. I would totally disagree. I have an equivalent number of days at jay and see a double digit percent of tele skiers on most decent days. The better ones will be in the trees (you've only seen 1???, ive seen literally hundreds). Jay has a loyal telemark clientele and they are out in...
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    Stenger and Quiros Ousted from Management of Jay Peak and Burke

    There was definitely shadiness but there was no new real estate sold for at least the last 7-8 years, when the eb5 flow at jay was peaking. All that new development was rental units. If you read Michael Goldberg' letter on jaypeakreceivorship.com you'll see $282 million was raised for Jay...
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    Stenger and Quiros Ousted from Management of Jay Peak and Burke

    The EB5 money raised had nothing to do with real estate sales. It was used to finance the hotels, waterpark, ice rink, golf cottages, etc. As far as comparing Stowe rev/profits to Jay, you are probably comparing ski operations at Stowe (which is all i think vail is buying) to entire resort...
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    Stenger and Quiros Ousted from Management of Jay Peak and Burke

    The National Ski Areas Association seems to think Steve Wright is a leader. They just gave him an award in May. Doh! Some people just want to see Jay blown up. Not sure why. Steve knows the mountain, the culture and its loyal customers better than anyone. To throw him in the same pot with...
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    Jay Peak- lodging help?

    There is a restored B and B that advertises on Air B 'nB that is right across the street from the Big Jay tavern on 242. Pretty close to the resort and you have the tavern to walk to. Might be a little more expensive than Grunts but a step up in quality.
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    Re: EB-5 article

    Funny, telling, but not surprising you think that. As for the value of your awarded points, on my book they are worth zero. (Graham and Dodge). :snow: God bless you!
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    Re: EB-5 article

    Told ya! I still have to yet to see fraud in the VT/Jaypeak use of the program, as our moderater pointed out. I guess benedict must have read the prospectus to know what Jay could or couldn't do regarding its debt on the tramhouse lodge....It is called debt....correct? By the way, Bernie...
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    Re: EB-5 article

    don't even bother reading that other thread. there is no substance or facts that the H8ters bring to the table. They just seem to want Jay peak to lose yet many of them still enjoy the great ski mountain that it is. You are right in that the program works, and now that it is getting...
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    Valhalla Nude Segment

    There was shrinkage Jerry!
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    Place to demo near Jay

    rental shop under the tram has a demo section off to the side.. they have a very good selection of demos and yes, will credit you if you decide to purchase. Wednesday sounds like it might be pick of the week.
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    Jay Peak - In Depth Thread

    Yes, there is unofficial access to canyon land below valhalla and off of northway. you just need to pick your way through the first part and it will open up eventually into canyon land. An easier access would be to enter upper milk and dip into the trees on skiers left which is canyon land...
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    Jay Peak Drops Lift Ticket Prices

    Man, last year there were a lot of people Biatching about the RFID and how they had to pay up for the use of a refillable card. The press realease says the RFID system is key to their ability to charge a lower price. I guess those folks won't be complaning about the 11 dollar savings per day...