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Recent content by madskier6

  1. MRG - 2/11/2010

    MRG - 2/11/2010

  2. madskier6

    Killington 11/23/2013

    Hey Pat - how are ya? Hope all is well. Can you still break away for a ski day here & there?
  3. madskier6

    Killington 11/23/2013

    Yeah it's been a while for me. Good to be back. Hope to ski with you sometime this season, Dave!
  4. madskier6

    Killington 11/23/2013

    Yeah I was there on Saturday too and agree with all your assessments of the conditions. My 2 best runs of the day were the 2 you didn't take: Lower East Fall and Highline. They were blowing the snot out of those trails that day & the bumps were great! Big whales of snow formed into nice...
  5. madskier6

    MRG/Sugarbush, MRG Barn, Jan 2012

    Sounds great, Bill. I will try to make it. I hope you mean January 2012 or else I've missed the trip. :)
  6. madskier6

    Magic Mountain, Cape Day 4/2/11

    I was there on Saturday, without a cape. I got there late but skied from 2:00 to 5:00 & had a great day. Too bad I didn't hook up with the group of Caped Crusaders. I did see a group having a meeting at the top of Green Line late in the afternoon. The snow was great & the terrain, as always...
  7. madskier6

    Cards Cards and More Cards!

    ""From SR's facebook page: Quote: Originally Posted by Sunday River This week, lift tickets from Thurs-Sun are $25. With a Frequent Skier Card, you get $25 off weekday lift tickets. Do the math. Yes. You're reading this correctly. Not a bad way to get someone to go over the edge and buy one...""...
  8. madskier6

    SKI Magaine is Out - Grade It!

    Agreed but once you drive all the way to Sugarloaf, you're not there for the nightlife. You're there for the mountain, terrain variety, the vert & the long runs. At least the Loaf has several nightlife options at the Base area that don't require driving (Bag, Widowmaker, Shipyard, Gepetto's...
  9. madskier6

    Snow East Magazine Reader Choice Out

    I totally agree with your point. Great Barrington is not a ski town. But Butternut is right there on the outskirts of town. Still a ridiculous conclusion.
  10. madskier6

    Best cruisers...

    So from Toronto, Sunday River is not "out of the way" but Sugarloaf is "out of the way"?? If they've driven all the way to Sunday River from Toronto, then Sugarloaf is pretty much right up the street.
  11. madskier6

    AlpineZone Summit 2.0 at Sugarloaf - March 25-27, 2011

    I'll definitely be at the AZ Summit 2.0 at Sugarloaf again this year. Last year was a blast & the price even went down this year (from $136 per person to $99 per person). Without a doubt, Sugarloaf is one of the best mountains in the East. I'm also going to make sure I hit Saddleback this...
  12. madskier6

    I'll Be Skiing the 'Dacks More This Season

    My daughter is now a freshman at St. Lawrence University (in Canton, NY) so it looks like I will be skiing in the Adirondacks more this season (and the next 4 years as well). I'm looking forward to hitting Gore & Whiteface again this season. I'd also like to try Big Tupper & Titus at some...
  13. madskier6

    Does anybody know of a race calendar?

    Here's a link for the youth races run by the Tri-State Alpine Ski Racing Association. Not sure if this is your interested geography but it includes races held at mountains in MA & CT with the finals held in VT, ME, NY & NH late in the season. Hope this helps...
  14. madskier6

    Berkshire East Marketing

    I have skied a lot at Berkshire East over the last three years. Last year my 12-yr old son participated in the race program for the first year & really enjoyed it so I was there every weekend from early Dec through late Feb. I now consider it my home mountain (at least for now) & really enjoy...
  15. madskier6

    Reccomend me a set of Hard Pack boards

    I would think the Tigersharks would be very similar to the All Stars, which he's trying to get away from. The Tigersharks may be even burlier than the All Stars. Have you thought about any of the Nordica Hot Rod skis - Jet Fuel, Afterburner, Helldiver, etc? They might fit the bill. See if...