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Recent content by mbedle

  1. mbedle

    What’s wrong with my boots? Pain and focal redness at inner mid foot just above arch.

    Did you put on any weight this summer??? That might explain the difference between last year and this year. Can you feel inside your liners to see what is pushing against your foot?
  2. mbedle

    Lost skin!

    Unfortunately with the snow today, not sure you are going to see that skin anytime soon.
  3. mbedle


    You agree or not to the auto-renew when you first purchase the pass. As far as them billing your credit card without you knowing, they send out multiple emails in the spring indicating that they are going to first charge the $49 downpayment and multiple emails in the summer when they plan to...
  4. mbedle

    Hunter's Mt Status and Snow reports

  5. mbedle


    Not sure exactly what you are asking. You have 7 priority days reserved, if you use one, you can go-ahead and book another priority day. The difference between them and the week of reservations, is that you can reserve priority days at any time in the future. For instance, I have a two week trip...
  6. mbedle


    I am pretty sure I read on the lift and trail report that it was down on purpose to allow for some snowmaking.
  7. mbedle

    Robert Redford Sells Sundance Resort

    OMFG - that was a good one.
  8. mbedle

    The "Sugarbush Thread"

    What exactly to John do at Sugarbush?
  9. mbedle


    I do have to agree that Vail has the worst websites in the industry. It baffles my mind to see how many mistakes, misinformation or lack of information is present on their sites. Breckenridge is one of their flagship resorts and the terrain and lift status page still has a link to purchasing a...
  10. mbedle

    Hunter is making snow - 11/17/20

  11. mbedle

    The "Sugarbush Thread"

    Not sure you are going to get enough watts out of that outlet to heat up a crock pot.
  12. mbedle

    2020-21 Sunday River

    Ski Back is not listed as one of their trails. It's also not highlighted to indicate that it is open.
  13. mbedle

    Praises for the EPIC pass reservation system

    What weekend are you talking about? They are not booked this weekend.