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Recent content by MommaBear

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    Mount Snow: Inside Track

    Not saying the lines weren't long, but this picture is a bit deceptive if you aren't familiar with the base layout. The people in the foreground aren't waiting for the lift in the background. The Bluebird lift is to the right. What you see there is a south side corral, a north side corral and...
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    Mount Snow: Inside Track

    But damn that last run home to Carinthia, where I was parked, almost killed me...lol! Took a run down Uncles toward end of day after spending most of it on NF and didn't leave quite enough in the tank to go back over. Was grateful to see Season Pass open (so I didn't have to go Canyon, back to...
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    Big storm coming???

    This used to be the only place that understood the excitement of an incoming storm. Now, not so much. Its sad.
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    Big storm coming???

    I was surprised the Blue Bird ran on Thanksgiving - the wind was crazy! But I have no idea what direction it was technically blowing. NorthFace was on wind hold all day thou.
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    Where you are skiing during thanksgiving and weekend?

    Agreed! Thankfully I will be heading North earlier in the day while the masses will (hopefully) be heading home. Skied Mt Snow Thanksgiving Day - a first for us. NO crowds, conditions were much better than expected. Fun family day - minus one kid who was missed :-(
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    Big storm coming???

    We have renters this weekend (Mt Snow) and I am headed back up Sunday to clean. Guess I will just have to hang around and enjoy Monday!
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    Vail Resorts is buying Peak Resorts.

    Looks like the spread will be getting larger unless the deal goes thru soon.
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    Vail Resorts is buying Peak Resorts.

    Tried the same earlier but got the "you are suspended" message. Nice to know it wasn't just me.
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    Ski pole attack punctures kid's brain

    :-o That is terrifying. If it was an accident, I would think the guy would have stuck around.
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    The "Sugarbush Thread"

    Would think it would be a bear to clear of snow thou!
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    Mount Snow: Inside Track

    Saw that piping yesterday and was wondering if I just never noticed it before (covered by snow) or if it was new....lol!
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    Skiing on the cheap - 2018-19

    Going to be at Mount Snow this weekend. PM if you want a single discounted ticket off that 4 pk. Will meet you at the ticket window.
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    Rental cars for western travel

    We lucked out in OR as all they had left was a suburban when we arrived to pick up our standard SUV. 2nd day to the mountain, huge dump, roads not plowed, traffic backed up and we are sitting waiting for it to move again. Several cars ahead of us and one behind had people hop out and start...