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Recent content by Nick

  1. Nick

    Wing Suit Crash

    I just saw a post on FB from @skiNEwhere - he got into a pretty bad accident on his speed glider. Send him some good vibes for a quick recovery.
  2. Nick

    What’s wrong with my boots? Pain and focal redness at inner mid foot just above arch.

    Welcome to AlpineZone! there is a world of difference between just whatever boots and properly fitted boots. good boots should have no pressure points. what boots are you using ?
  3. Nick

    Hunter Mountain - COVID

    Just wanted to say Welcome to the AlpineZone!
  4. Nick

    Quotes? Multiple quotes?

    nice in bed at night to not wake up the s.o. 😂
  5. Nick


    hm l have to check. I didn't even realize there was a preview 😮
  6. Nick

    Killington or whiteface for a beginner?

    eh, Killington has fun Apres also that can make the whole experience more enjoyable. well at least pre COVID.
  7. Nick

    Gorgeous inversion sunrise today

    Wow! is that your pic? gorgeous!
  8. Nick

    Sitting Bench ski kits

    I bought an oscillating tool this year. it's so awesome
  9. Nick

    Sitting Bench ski kits

    This doesn't seem to difficult as long as you figure out the ends like you said. The varying thickness shouldn't be that much of a problem unless you are buying skis from generations apart but even then just use some of the back and some for the bottom.
  10. Nick


    I bought Tesla in October and it doubled. wish I did more! bought some bitcoin (just messing around) at 5k in March and sold it .. so stupid! would have returned 8x
  11. Nick

    Month long trip to Colorado......

    wow! this is an amazing Trip Report 😍😍😍
  12. Nick


    Pick your fave animal my man.
  13. Nick

    Which of these is like the other?

    @Talldrink maybe some of the peeps in this thread have some help for you.
  14. Nick

    Saddleback Maine

    I haven't skied Saddleback, I was going to after one of our AZ summits but never made it over. I've heard it is excellent and glad to hear it's opening.