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Recent content by NY DirtBag

  1. NY DirtBag

    Vote for Utah ski bus

    "I moved to year 2000 UTAH and can't believe people kept moving here"
  2. NY DirtBag

    The NEW Magic Mountain

    Great day today. Plenty of lightly tracked trees shots remaining in unmarked woods. Marked woods pretty tracked out. Still decent coverage on most everything. Probably by end of day tomorrow steepest stuff will be beaten to rocks/dirt. steeper Natural pretty much all bumps by end of the...
  3. NY DirtBag

    Okemo Intel?

    I said terrain and snow. More vert, higher base, higher peak, better trees, north facing for the most part. I have probably 200+ days at mt snow, 200+ at stratton and 10 at okemo. So I will concede i could be missing something at the big O. I dont think so though.
  4. NY DirtBag

    Okemo Intel?

    Maybe I hit it on a good snow year but I remember the South face had decent terrain and they left that area somewhat ungroomed to boot. Enough for a fun day I haven't been there in 20 years though so I have no idea about the jackson gore side. Dont plan on ever returning since I feel Stratton...
  5. NY DirtBag

    The "Sugarbush Thread"

    I am trying to imagine the person who is able to ski/ride the castlerock area but not able to do the 25 min hike. Seems to be a very east coast viewpoint to say that if it is 'open' you have to have a lift running to it. A lot of runs out west you have to hike to and they are considered open.
  6. NY DirtBag

    Mt Snow 20-21 Intel

    Someone shared a pic of a liftline from Facebook yesterday I think from carinthia. I'm sure it was after a wind delay or something but Holy Shit. Why don't people just stay at home and hit themselves in the nuts all day instead.
  7. NY DirtBag

    Big Sky, MT 2/16/20-2/20/20

    30 -40 minutes maybe? I was taking in the views. I wasn't pushing it.
  8. NY DirtBag


    Nothing personal . We've all been there and we were all in the wrong.
  9. NY DirtBag


    Reads like you were in the wrong and are looking for justification for your shouting and close buzz. Beginners are usually erratic.
  10. NY DirtBag

    Weekend storm thread....

    Looks good at elevation in VT
  11. NY DirtBag

    The NEW Magic Mountain

    FWIW I'm skipping this weekend. The reality is that with snow in the forecast and it being MLK weekend, there will be quite a line up on Red. Sat and Sun on MLK weekend with heavy snow it will be packed. Covid or not. It will be 2 of the 6 days a year that they need Black spinning...
  12. NY DirtBag


    Oh I thought that was an industry wide chart not vail specific. carry on
  13. NY DirtBag


    Gotta be Aspen. Or maybe the Resort formerly known as Squawlpine
  14. NY DirtBag


    ^About what you would expect.
  15. NY DirtBag

    need Burton replacement strap

    is ebay still a thing? Also the house is a good spot