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Recent content by o3jeff

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    Costco Fall 2016 Goodies (Patagonia?!)

    Costco is listing some Patagonia stuff on their web site too, Nano puff $140, Torrentshell rain jacket $80. They are also selling Canada Goose jackets for $300, which I've never heard of.
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    Holy ticks!

    Ticks are no joke. A friend has had this hanging off their arm for the past month for antibiotics. Got bit last fall, went on doxy but either it wasn't for long enough or strong enough. About 2 months ago wasn't feeling good and memory wasn't as good as it was. Dr are 99% sure it's active lyme...
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    Do You Whiten Your Teeth?

    Been more than 19 days, where are the before and after pics?
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    Automotive GPS

    Didn't you get nav with the jeep?
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    Who's bvibert?
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    Catskills windam

    Hopefully in the next month I will meet up for a hike, I need to get my legs back in shape for hiking. Did 10 miles here in CT last weekend and legs aren't up for the Cats yet.
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    The carnage thread

    Making a unicycle?
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    The carnage thread

    I can confirm that a blue bike doesn't make you fast! Same color as the bike in my basement collecting dust.
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    Jeep owners?

    Did you buy it?
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    The carnage thread

    I heard red makes a bike faster too.
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    The carnage thread

    Did you get it yet? What color?
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    Need some help for Baxter State Park / Katahdin trip

    They're pretty strict on the amount of people they allow up on Katahdin which is probably why they have the small parking lots/permits and all the different hoops to jump thru.
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    The carnage thread

    Why didn't you go 29"?
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    iphone 6 coming soon

    I upgraded from a 5s to a 6(64gb) because they offered it when I was only one year thru my contract. Now I am on a one year lease with Sprint, no money up front and I can get a new phone every year and my bill only went up about $10 a month.
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    Death of Manual Transmission ETA????

    They are very fun, I've been looking for a toy and they are at the top of the list. You can have a lot of fun taching it out around town and on the back roads without getting into too much trouble where as a vette has a ton of HP but you need some room or will be flying. Hoping the rumors are...