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Recent content by octopus

  1. octopus

    Misleading Info / photo's by Resorts Hunter in particulare

    last big storm we drove for 5hrs from boston(thru the storm) to get fresh pow at sunday river. i decided we should head to jordan so we can play in the glades off lollapalooza, i love it in there. i checked and rechecked the website to make sure that lift was open, no mention of wind holds or...
  2. octopus

    Fat Lady Thread 2017

    even if they're open the lift might not be working
  3. octopus

    Fat Lady Thread 2017

    i was thinking about breaking out the splitboard and doing some runs there. i'm new to pats, what would you suggest for up and down routes? and do they care if you're out there?
  4. octopus

    Fat Lady Thread 2017

    pats peak closed today with what looked like full coverage to me. my first time there, better than i expected, mellow, fun peak. lots of families(and milf's).
  5. octopus

    Misleading Info / photo's by Resorts Hunter in particulare

    i personally like the powder/face shot photos mountains post after a 3" storm. its the good old find 10 square feet of good snow, make a fast turn and bang! "we've got loads of pow, don't miss out!"
  6. octopus

    Wildcat Mountain 2016-2017 season thread

    i was on the lift twice yesterday when it broke down. once literally 20' from the top, second time we spent about an hour going up in slow lift mode. wildcat hooked everyone up and we got to ride for free today. conditions were pretty good and deep in the woods yesterday,heavy today tho...
  7. octopus

    Long time skier who wants to try Snowboarding

    get a flat or rocker board, cuts the catching an edge way down.
  8. octopus

    WTF with all the back packs

    frozen hydration pack and avalanche shovel of course
  9. octopus

    Which Western ski area(s) have the best conditions for Christmas?

    we did christmas at whistler a few years ago, it was awesome. it also took us 16hrs to get there from boston
  10. octopus

    Lifts that are never open

    every year i fly by that oz quad. now i don't even think about it being open, its just there. also the connector chair from oz is rarely open
  11. octopus

    Snow Gun Testing

    wildcat fired them up yesterday
  12. octopus

    Summit Ski in Framingham MA?

    i took a small chunk out of the base of my snowboard and brought it to them, i thought it was a big deal. i think mike ptexed it and didn't think i should worry about it, and he didn't even charge me! seems like a good place to me.
  13. octopus

    Who is hotter? Lindsey Vonn or Julia Mancuso?

    looks like lindsey is open for business again
  14. octopus

    Stenger and Quiros Ousted from Management of Jay Peak and Burke

    so the tram has been overloaded since 1966 because of an error in the operators manual? shouldn't that fall on whoever made the operator manual?