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Recent content by pedxing

  1. pedxing

    Do You Bring Booze on your Backpacking Trips?

    I usually don't, but I will if my wife comes along. I can do without the extra weight and the dehydration - but my wife is much happier if there is wine or some nice liquor to have in camp.
  2. pedxing


    I have been so overwhelmed by crowds in the White Mountains of NH, that I avoid weekends. I love the mountains of Maine, but the drive is much longer. I assume the OP has completed his hike and found a good place to camp.
  3. pedxing

    What Kind of Flashlight Do You Use?

    I use a petzel headlamp, but also the flashlight function on my cell phone (and on my cell charger which I take for backpacking).
  4. pedxing

    NH Chronicle: Limmer Hiking Boots

    I ran across this old thread - still very moving to see the posts. There are a lot of dead links, but it reminds me of how connected I once was to this community https://forums.alpinezone.com/threads/news-about-pedxing.989/
  5. pedxing

    NH Chronicle: Limmer Hiking Boots

    I think I was one of the very first to post on the hiking forums. I even have an ancient Alpine Zone t-shirt somewhere. I'm sure my causes links are entirely out of date.
  6. pedxing

    NH Chronicle: Limmer Hiking Boots

    I'm on a wait list for my custom Limmers. There are two different businesses, one (Peter Limmer & Sons) does custom boots - but will also try to fit you with some ready made (definitely not mass manufacturer) boots. The other (Limmer boots) deals with imported boots from Bavaria. The...
  7. pedxing

    How would identify yourself?

    It was at first - this was partly because Greg went to other boards to promote this one. Some posters were territorial and came here to make life hard for him, but others came out of curiosity or because this was more regional than some of the boards Greg posted on. I think Greg handled it...
  8. pedxing

    Lye brook, Vt - week ago

    Thanks for the pics, enjoyed the dogs, the falls and the scenery - interested by the landslide pic. I've been through that area a few times, doing the LT and doing Branch Pond trail, but never the Lye Brook. I'll have to give it shot some time.
  9. pedxing

    *DONE* ContourHD Giveaway Thread - Congrats Powhunter

    I guess I'll do well for longevity with (two years+ on Smitty, but > 200 fewer posts) but not a single entry for post count.
  10. pedxing

    Flags on the 48 - 2011 - The Ten Year Anniversary

    Like Cal, I was one of the top posters in the early (quiet) years at AZ when three digit post totals were the mark of a very active poster. FOT48 is a great event and I'm looking to participate this year. Every time I've managed to get out for it, I've had a great time. I finished my 48...
  11. pedxing

    Questions on an upcoming southern vermont trip

    There is a lot of info and recent reports on the Big Branch crossing at: http://www.whiteblaze.net/forum/showthread.php?p=1035459#post1035459 One other option to consider is a loop involving Stratton Pond and Stratton Mountain from Kelley Stand road. You will encounter a massive area of...
  12. pedxing

    Cohos Trail summer 2009

    Please note I hit the trail at its very wettest. Its generally easier and it keeps getting better. The Cohos Trail Association may be small, but they are great people and very hard workers. Lots of improvements for 2010! (donating your time or money to the trail will help make this a truly...
  13. pedxing

    Lafayette to Madison hike

    I agree with Beetlenut on being aware of your water needs, especially if it has been dry for a few days. The huts are a good place to fill up and the springs near tent sites. I disagree about taking freeze dried stuff and taking twice what you thijnk you need. Personally, I don't think the...
  14. pedxing

    Lafayette to Madison hike

    This should be a nice hike, especially if you can get to the tent sites on time. On weekends this is an almost certain problem. With that caveat, this is a great trip and Skibum offers a workable itinerary. I'm not a very fast hiker and during a backpack of the NH AT, I went from the Carter...
  15. pedxing

    Wait 'til next year

    AT from the Whites to Baxter would make a great hike. I did it in two trips with my son, he had his 12th and 14th birthday on the Maine AT. I go back and forth as to whether I would ever try a major trail like the AT, or PCT. Its not so much technology, but worrying if it would start to feel...