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  1. Magic_01_04_10


  2. CO Jan 2008

    CO Jan 2008

    CO - Vail/Copper/Breck
  3. pepperdawg

    2012 Closings

    Free Da Dis!!!
  4. pepperdawg

    more killington fail

    Free Da Dis!!!!!
  5. pepperdawg

    Weekend 18-20 Feb

    Mmmmmmm brushed with clouds at the most........
  6. pepperdawg

    Shortcut to Sugarbush

    A nice drive over the top if the weathers good.... Some people like the Bethel exit>Rt 12 north thru Bethel>Bethel Mtn Road(paved) > Rochester> north 0n Rt 100
  7. pepperdawg

    Week of Jan 8th

    Correct - Thx for the posts - I am too lazy/busy to go hunting for decent reports/ski-specific synopsis (sp?) - for me - this is a good place to check in from time to time for the quick (yet depressing) scoop....so Thx!
  8. pepperdawg

    Getting out on Friday, where to go?

    But didn't you ask "Where Should I go on Friday?" ;)
  9. pepperdawg

    AZ Nerds: Blackberry/RIM

    heh - 90's Ford Explorer....
  10. pepperdawg

    A note about our moderators

    Free da Dis.... ...and make him a Moderator.