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Recent content by Quietman

  1. Quietman

    Another Death at Cannon

    https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/missing-massachusetts-hiker-found-dead-on-nh-mountain/ar-AA14sSD8?cvid=d745bd62bd374a84b20a37ca3a2ef00d She has been found, sadly deceased, way too young to be gone. Some people will argue about anything, so sick and unbelievable.
  2. Quietman

    Crotched Mountain 2022-3 Season

    Tues-Fri 9am-9pm, Sat 9am - midnight, Sun - Mon 9-5. Sundays had been 9-5 for a long time now.
  3. Quietman

    Ignore Krusty

    I ignored both of you, another 1st world problem solved...
  4. Quietman

    Local resorts - hiring challenges

    Attendants(16 & 17) can only push the stop and maybe slow buttons. An operator(18+) must be the one to start the lift back up and increase to full speed. They are useful for the top of the lift, but can't be left alone at the bottom.
  5. Quietman

    2020-21 Sunday River

    I laugh very little and that was (y) funny! A Boris Badenov fart would definitely have the same effect. Winds on Sat could be nasty if the storm doesn't take a turn too far out to sea. Black of ME's triple is very sheltered, and Mt Abram has the newly painted t-bar if the Way Back machine...
  6. Quietman


    They raised wages for this season, just not enough to keep up with the competition, and they also reduced dependent pass benefits, and may have chased some away with the vaccine mandate.
  7. Quietman

    PSA - How to cancel your EPIC Pass auto renewal

    I just checked and couldn't find where I could the renewal status. Can you please advise on where to look?
  8. Quietman


    Valley lift ran today! I waited until 3 to avoid the crowds and try on the new boots and it was nice to ski Pluto's.
  9. Quietman


    Rocket is fixed, for now. Valley needs to be fixed also! Too many customers are getting really pissed off, and it's not the mountains employees fault, but they have to listen to the vitriol. Someone in Vail management needs to have a "Jerry McGuire" blowup and say that this is not how we...
  10. Quietman


    Just using Chrome for a browser. The offline screen shows for about 5 seconds, then flips to the web cam.
  11. Quietman

    good boot fitter/shop near Killington or Sugarbush

    Curious, which boots did you end up with?
  12. Quietman


    Also the reference that fetal cells were used in some miniscule part of the development process, but this is also true for most vaccines.
  13. Quietman


    On the plus side, they did open the Yankee at Attitash