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Recent content by RENO

  1. RENO

    Belleayre New Gondola "Catskill Thunder" Construction Photos

    I prefer Tomahawk too, but that lift needs to be replaced. Not happening anytime soon with this COVID crap!
  2. RENO

    Belleayre New Gondola "Catskill Thunder" Construction Photos

    Especially when the Tomahawk goes down like the end of 2018-19 when it was down the last month and a 1/2!
  3. RENO

    Dog friendly lodging?

    Contact some of the rental agencies on the road. Many condos that rent to people with dogs. If it's a hotel, Chalet Killington is the closest. We've also stayed at Val Roc http://www.valroc.com/ on Rt 4 very close to the Skyeship base area and gondola. They were good also. It's been many years...
  4. RENO

    Dog friendly lodging?

    Chalet Killington is a good place. Have a couple friends that used it and liked it, but it's been a couple years...
  5. RENO

    Dog friendly lodging?

    This isn't a hotel anymore. Converting to some type of senior living property...
  6. RENO

    Skiing on the cheap - 2018-19

    https://www.liftopia.com/ 20% off...
  7. RENO

    Skiing on the Cheap - 2017-18 Edition

    I just happened to be looking for a new helmet when I was at K a few days ago and picked one up and got a free ticket voucher. Helmet was $120. A walkup ticket is $115 so pretty good deal. Picked it up in the Snowshed lodge which has a really good selection of helmets...
  8. RENO

    Snowboarders - I need a new Ride

    Never Summer! Currently have the SL which isn't made anymore. Best snowboard by far I've ever used. Not sure what replaces it, but you can't go wrong with any model they make. Had several Rides and Palmers previously. Both make great boards, but once I got on my SL I knew I would never go back...
  9. RENO

    skier vs. snowboarder

    I was thinking the same thing? Looks like a bunny slope! Maybe he had Clark's kitchen lubricant on his ass! :lol: 9rMcRJVY1-0
  10. RENO

    skier vs. snowboarder

    I've seen this story before. I still think there was more to what this guy probably said to the skier on the lift then he's revealing. Still, not a good idea to toss someone from a lift no matter what was said!
  11. RENO

    Hahnenkamm, Streif - One Hell of a Ride

    I'll check that out. Checked out a few on tv this season when you can find them. Don't like watching slalom or GS. Too boring. SuperG isn't bad to watch. DH is the best. One 2 minute adrenaline run and done! Only downhill run I've been on is the Birds of Prey at Beaver Creek. Of course I was...
  12. RENO

    Hahnenkamm, Streif - One Hell of a Ride

    Amazing how fast he's going just a few seconds out of the gate! That downhill course has a lot more tight sections than most courses I've seen! :-o
  13. RENO

    My new bike, ready to hit the trails...!!

    This is the most idiotic thing I've seen so, yes, you'd be good at it liverlips! :dunce:
  14. RENO

    Skiing on the Cheap - 2014-15 Edition

    Yep, looks like you have to receive the code in an email to be able to use it. Oh well. It was good while it lasted! :lol: