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Recent content by Riverskier

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    Lodge Food Prices

    I ski 90% at Sunday River, and never buy food, only overpriced beer at the bar, so no idea on food pricing. I am teaching my young daughter to ski though, and we went to Mt. Abram last weekend. For convenience, I bought lunch: a cheeseburger for me, a hot dog for her, and fries to share for $13...
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    (h)Opening Day Thread 2018-2019

    It was a cool gesture... This was never publicized by the mountain for obvious reasons, but Sunday River actually opened the lift at 8 am that day!
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    Death of Manual Transmission ETA????

    Not a car guy... or wealthy. Funny to hear all this talk of options on vehicles that would mean less than nothing to me. That being said, having a manual transmission is a deal breaker for me. I would simply never own an automatic. Thankfully my last 3 cars (all base models, all bought new for...
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    Oldest and youngest ages for pass pulled by ski patrol?

    Never had a pass pulled, but had one close call. Early season at Sunday River years ago, Flying Monkey was supposed to be open, but Jordan was on windhold, so they had it roped off. They were running the Jordan Double though, so I knew I could hit it, and get back to Aurora. Amazing run with...
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    Times you've skied in sketch conditions

    I have skied over 20 days a year since the early 80's, and never let weather or conditions stop me, so I have seen it all. I have had plenty of less than stellar days, and plenty of sketchy runs where I have just tried to get down in one piece. There was only ONE time though in all those years...
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    Opening Day 2017/2018 Season - New England

    They had to install a new top terminal on Locke that wasn't completed until December. Therefore they were forced to come up with an alternative opening strategy, thus the Aurora plan. I fully expect them to go back to opening from the Locke midstation this year, and in all likelihood within a...
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    2017-2018 Season Passes

    Bronze New England Pass again. I will get about 25 days on it for $450 and get to ski midweek. I will get about 5 days elsewhere on cheap lift tickets.
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    Is Telemark Dead?

    Always looked like a lot of work, and not a lot of fun. Never understood the appeal... I have always been a skier, but would sooner switch to snowboarding than tele. To each their own...
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    Medical Bills from Ski Areas...

    Same deal with a torn Achilles and dislocated shoulder back in 2010. I happily handed over my credit card in exchange for having my shoulder re-set. I was also reimbursed by my insurance. I for one I am happy the mountain has the clinic and have no problem with the fact that you have to pay...
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    Post ACL Replacement - brace or no brace?

    ACL replacements in 1997 and 2004, never wore a brace, and was back on snow in 5 months both times... Tore one again 3 years ago, opted not to have it fixed, and do wear a brace on that leg now. Over 100 days and no problems yet...
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    New Helmet Law - New York ?

    No problem with this. I won't get specific, as to avoid getting overly political, but I don't support ANY laws protecting me from myself. However, anyone can have kids... and I don't have a problem with laws aimed to protect them until they are 18.
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    How many days so far? (2015-2016 season)

    Day 27 yesterday at Sunday River, and I am done. I average 30-35 days a year. Probably lost around 3 days due to the crappy season, but would have been on the low end of my average due to other obligations anyway.
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    Random Beers

    Not a Bud guy... Baxter IPA is my go to. But amazed with this whole micro brew boom what people are willing to pay for a beer. Maine Beer for example, had some of theirs, and while good, $5 to $10 for a bottle of beer??? Money is an issue, but even if it wasn't I would simply never pay that...
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    So Who's Done?

    One more for sure at the Loaf on Thursday 4/21. If the River makes 5/1 I will be there, but skiing like Thursday is my last day of the season.
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    The Fall of Winter begins.....

    This is encouraging, as I was told by a reliable source that Sunday River will fire up the guns as soon as they are given the opportunity. I was starting to wonder if that opportunity would exist...