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Recent content by rocojerry

  1. rocojerry

    Loon 11/27/18

    First tracks on a deep Walking Boss is a dream I haven't lived yet! Glad the day turned out all right -- i'm here just keyboard skiing when i should be knee deep!
  2. rocojerry

    2018/2019 Historic radar rain/snow line

    Just Snowvember up to the 28th: https://youtu.be/ByZwIkKPI_k
  3. rocojerry

    Advice: beginner ski lessons near Boston

    You can start really close to Boston... Learn to stop, learn how to use the lifts and equipment... beyond that, drive north—. You can find really long green trails that will be a lot more fun and give you more time on the snow instead of the lift... my suggestions: 1-2) closer to your house...
  4. rocojerry

    2018/2019 Historic radar rain/snow line

    missed a few days/storms, but i'll update this as November rolls in... game on! Up to Nov 18th: https://youtu.be/Iqohm8wMhns
  5. rocojerry

    ss20's 7 Day Northern/Central VT Adventure!

    6 more, hopefully deeper by the day.....
  6. rocojerry

    AlpineZone Summit 9.0 - Trip Report

    Friday-- this space intentionally left white Sat-- ok, so i didn't make it up friday like I had dreamed of... i'll let Brian and some others tell us all how great of a pow day it was... I started off sat with sloppy seconds -- it was still delicious. We left boston around...
  7. rocojerry

    Historic rain/snow line

    Winter Storm Quinn --with a rain snow line thats right where it should be, mostly over the water.... https://youtu.be/04dlXp1_l5I
  8. rocojerry

    Magic Mountain - 3/8/18

    Nice! Really wanted to hit red-line last weekend, but opted to wait for the next storm... Love this place.
  9. rocojerry

    Historic rain/snow line

    Twist my arm for a republish after any storm/month-- the hard work to do it is done, just need to upload it to YouTube
  10. rocojerry

    Historic rain/snow line

    I couldn't find what i was looking for so I built it -- The month of February, in 2 minutes...
  11. rocojerry

    The "Sugarbush Thread"

    Mt Ellen often goes online this week.. Friday?
  12. rocojerry

    Is powder/tree skiing in the east overrated?

    There is nothing good in the woods, the trails are much more fun!
  13. rocojerry

    Winter Forecast from Jim Roemer (aka Dr. Weather)

    I think 'Major Snowstorm' may be my favorite phrase this time of year.... Lets hope Santa comes through on our wishes....
  14. rocojerry

    Jay trip - typical best time for Green Beret and face chutes?

    I've had my best days at Jay in late Feb/March... some pretty good ones in April too!
  15. rocojerry

    Death of the Summit

    Hope I can make it again, last year was amazing! Is there any reason to doubt that it would happen? I've been away since it melted-- whats the 'current state of the forum'?