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Recent content by sankaty

  1. sankaty

    Who is OPEN Still

    Data to support your point, here's a Washington Post article explaining how misleading it is to compare flu stats against COVID stats: https://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/2020/03/27/those-covid-19-death-toll-figures-are-incomplete/
  2. sankaty

    SuperPasses 20/21

    Another way to think of it, a Pico pass plus an Epic Local pass would be about $1150. Much rather have that. Then could add the K spring pass for $240 late in the season. Or an Ikon Base plus an Epic NE: $1300
  3. sankaty

    SuperPasses 20/21

    Yup. To put that in perspective, that single pass costs about $300 more than my family of four pays total to ski unrestricted at Pico. I realize it's more for more, but it's a lot more. We'd be much better off paying a la carte for extra skiing.
  4. sankaty

    SuperPasses 20/21

    Killington just updated their pass page to show that the 365 pass does indeed include an Ikon Base pass. https://www.killington.com/plan-your-trip/tickets-passes/season-passes Still way over budget for me, but I guess a decent deal for folks that can take advantage of all the benefits. Would...
  5. sankaty

    SuperPasses 20/21

    I just realized that I thought I was looking at last year's prices, but Killington already had next year's prices on their site: $999 for an unlimited season pass $999 for an Ikon Pass $569 midweek $1,300+ for Beast 365 I don't get it. Just doesn't seem competitive to me, especially with no...
  6. sankaty

    SuperPasses 20/21

    If the NE specific IKON pass that you're proposing materialized (unlimited access to NE IKON resorts including K/Pico), I'd likely go for it if it were price competitive with the Epic NE pass. I'm sure you have excellent reasons for committing to a K/Pico pass regardless of price (I assume...
  7. sankaty

    SuperPasses 20/21

    Any guesses on how the new Epic and Ikon offerings will affect Killington's offerings? Last year, they didn't offer a holiday-restricted pass, so the only way to get a pass for weekend skiing was to buy their $999 unlimited pass, which had no blackouts but was only good at Killington/Pico. I...
  8. sankaty

    New storm on the way

    Pico was fantastic today. Not as deep as N VT appears to be, but soft, wind-packed snow virtually everywhere. Woods were fantastic. Bump trails were sublime with soft snow even in the deep troughs. Giant Killer, which always seems to be a mess, was lovely on the left side. I picked a...
  9. sankaty

    The "Sugarbush Thread"

    This is why I scan for places where snow has been disturbed on tree branches. If you're following tracks in the snow, you've already lost.
  10. sankaty

    Sugarbush 2/8, Pico 2/9

    Yeah. I meant Killington. Sorry for the error.
  11. sankaty

    Prez Week 2020 thumbnail intel thread

    Skied Pico Sat/Sun/Tues. Snow was good for the most part Sat/Sun. Some scratch on the steeps and troughs, but trees and lower-angle terrain was all soft. Yesterday was sublime. Approx 3 inches of dense, dry, snow, with wind-loaded trails deeper in parts. With the wind filling in tracks very...
  12. sankaty

    Sugarbush 2/8, Pico 2/9

    Sugarbush was sublime the morning of 2/8. Run of the day was fluffy bumps on Spillisville. Also loved Middle Earth, though decided the Castlerock line was too long to merit a repeat. Paradise was fun (maybe my favorite SB terrain), but some exposed rocks in the usual places. Took a couple of...
  13. sankaty

    Skimo gear

    Yes, it's my understanding that skimo is a subset of alpine touring focused on racing. The skis are ultralight, skinny, short, and very much optimized for flat/uphill travel compared to backcountry AT gear. The skins are short and do not attach in the back to facilitate quick changeovers. I...
  14. sankaty

    Skimo gear

    The Boot Pro in Ludlow and Base Camp Outfitters in Killington both rent AT gear. I've had great experiences with the Boot Pro staff (they did the fitting for my Atomix Hawx XTD). I've heard good things about Base Camp Outfitters as well. AT/telemarking is their specialty. The Summit Glade...
  15. sankaty

    Accurate, Informative & Trustworthy Snow Reports vs Vague & Questionable Snow Reports

    Sugarbush was great today, but from my nonscientific and purely anecdotal perspective, seemed like much closer to 12" vs. 22" today. It wasn't hard to find good soft snow, but also not hard to find underlying scratch later in the day.