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  1. ScottySkis

    Okemo Intel?

    Twice the snow average Yes just ski vertical 1600 average on several hills with millions of tress and step hate that place not
  2. ScottySkis

    Okemo Intel?

    Mountain snow is better than Okemos don't forget magic is close to the area
  3. ScottySkis

    Looking for recommendations

    Platty in Catskill has awesome terrain but is far from the way it Best when they get natural which they get more than all other Catskills All the fpor their id delicious But definitely go fitt time while snow is good like now
  4. ScottySkis


    U funny that ain't happening on AZ Glad u got out for fun ski day
  5. ScottySkis

    01/20/21 Snow Ridge

    Awesome and histracual report🎿🏂🏂🎿
  6. ScottySkis


    I agree 1000000%%%!!!
  7. ScottySkis

    What music are you listening to right now?

    Great classic for sure
  8. ScottySkis

    Hunter Mountain - COVID

    Their is also 3 other. hills in Catskill s I have ski this year but in normal year plattekill is best one only open Friday to Sunday
  9. ScottySkis

    What’s wrong with my boots? Pain and focal redness at inner mid foot just above arch.

    By Hunter in Catskill of NY has excellent shop Pro shop
  10. ScottySkis

    What’s wrong with my boots? Pain and focal redness at inner mid foot just above arch.

    Go to great ski boot shop and pay for excellent service on the boots adjust to u feet by great experience shiop will change everything
  11. ScottySkis


    I think u post changed over the last 10yrears I used you now 1 of the people on AZ that keeps other s from going on in my opinion Many positive positive posters have left AZ for negative posters in my opinion
  12. ScottySkis


    [QUO+1TE="cdskier, post: 1059049, member: 25258"] That's certainly not what I said. I just don't understand what you get out of posting here when you complain about every little thing and find tons of excuses to not ski here. And when people say they're out having fun, you try to put down their...
  13. ScottySkis

    Weekend storm thread....

    From Gore Facebook page today: ""Still finding stashes of pow- plus we have 23 miles of soft packed-powder heaven."
  14. ScottySkis


    Yes for best ski and snowboard er it does beat Mountain snow
  15. ScottySkis

    COVID concerns in the Northeast

    Gore got close to a foot yesterday into today