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    MA skiing

    According to https://catamountski.com/covid-19 it looks like they're trying to be both in NY and in MA. Hmm.
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    MA skiing

    I live in eastern MA, inside 128, 50-some minutes to WaWa when traffic is light. If I’m going to be a good boy this year, following all the rules, that probably means all my skiing will be in-state. (Confession: I broke the rules once for a special day-trip to Sunapee with my daughter last...
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    COVID concerns in the Northeast

    I bought a few balaclava-style masks from airbandmask.com; it's not clear if they're still selling them. Wear one all day. It does get damp... Better than a balaclava because: (1) ear loops and (2) rigid nose clip. Yesterday at WaWa at one point I was in line stuck between two unmasked parties...
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    first real storm?

    The lines were terrible -- I managed to get 7 runs in over 4 hours. Those 4 hours started with a 45 minute wait at the Polar Express for an announcement that its opening would be delayed. That's when the Minuteman line started looping around. But the snow was actually pretty good. The bottom...
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    first real storm?

    WaWa is now selling tickets for tomorrow (as late as yesterday they said they’d be closed this weekend). Just snagged an early session ticket.
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    Most deceptive snow reports

    Sunday River Twitter looking pretty honest.
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    Ski and Boarding Run tracker Apps. What works? What Sucks? Whats New?

    I use Ski Tracks. I don’t have big demands, but it does do that Google Map overlay you want, and more. It was free when I got it; I notice there’s now a Lite version, too.
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    Your 2020 / 2021 Ski Season Thread

    1. Underwood Playground (Belmont MA) on Halloween morning. Six laps of 41 vertical feet! Talk about desperate! 2. WaWa 11/22. Actual lift-served non-silliness.
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    Killington winter ops update

    I spent a solid three hours on Sunday morning lapping WaWa wearing an airband mask and didn't have any fogging problems. Your mileage may vary. (Oh, just checked the site and it looks like they might be temporarily sold out.) Generally speaking, if you're having fogging problems, you're venting...
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    Per Channel 5: Wachusett Opening Friday

    I'll be there first session Sunday. I had an active account, and had a pass a couple of seasons back. It wasn't clear to me if my existing card/pass was "reloaded" or if I need to pick up a new card.
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    Are you the slow driver or the fast driver?

    The snow tires were on the car in March when everything shut down, and they're still on today. I drive it a bit every week to scrape the rust off the brakes, etc., but it's been mostly idle for the past eight months. I'm ready!
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    Stoke only

    Saw a few people hiking up WaWa earlier today, gear in hand.
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    Ski Resort Response to COVID-19

    (Grown men throughout the northeast crying their first tears ever at the beauty of this new friendship.)
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    Indy Ski Pass

    I’m in Middlesex County, MA, and this is my thinking, too. Hitting all those places could make this worth it. On the other hand, I’ve got an Ikon PLUS a 4-day Epic Day Pass (thanks to a Vail trip that didn’t happen last year). If I get an Indy, I’m thinking of differing the Epic (target was...