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    AlpineZone no longer available in the Apple App Store... WTF?

    I needed to restore my iphone from iCloud backup today. Everything is in order except... AlpineZone. When i tap the app icon it shows, "loading..." for a few seconds then this message appears: "Unable to install 'AlpineZone' The app is no longer available in the App Store." FWIW, less than 2...
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    The "Sugarbush Thread"

    Ok I agree about the bar situation. But in every other aspect I stand by my previous statement. That said I wouldn’t use the Mansfield BL for lunch even if it were free.
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    The "Sugarbush Thread"

    Huh? Disagree completely about Mansfield vs Mt Ellen base lodges. I’m not saying I mind the ME lodge just that IMO Mansfield is the better.
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    The "Sugarbush Thread"

    Ha! At the end of a day I usually change completely out of my ski gear into comfortable street clothes for the drive home. I turn whichever direction in the lodge feels least crowded when I’m actually shirtless and pantless... out of respect for the kids mostly🤣
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    Lodge Fire at Mt. Tom

    Mt Tom is on the west side of 91. The only way I remember ever seeing Tom from 91 was when it was lit up at night, and iirc only the top maybe 1/3 of it was visible. These are all pretty young memories for me (<10 yrs old) but I grew up in the Hartford CT area and my dad and I did many trips up...
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    Lodge Fire at Mt. Tom

    Yep, the lower T bar was directly lookers right from the Jbar. As Moose's map shows. And iirc the T bar was on a slightly steeper slope than the J so you had an increasing slope on your right as you rode the J. (I rode that J maaaany times my first season.) Also iirc the T got converted to a...
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    Lodge Fire at Mt. Tom

    J Bar was the farthest left actually, at least it was when I made my very first turns. Always makes me a bit sad seeing news blips like this about the place, which seems to happen every 3-5 yrs. [emoji53]
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    The "Sugarbush Thread"

    The &quot;Sugarbush Thread&quot; Maybe there's a Native American burial site somewhere with a portal to a counterpart world where people enjoy standing in hour long liftlines to ski ribbons of dirt in the rain.
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    Killington 2/12 & 13

    Killington 2/12 &amp; 13 @JimG The glades and snow look great. But your selfie composition is seriously questionable![emoji16]
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    I was driving from cannon to Boston metro west Monday night. I left cannon around 4:30 and had possibly my slowest drive home ever, which was pretty surprising given how empty the mountain was all day.
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    This defies logic to me. The ppl who are 7 miles down the road, at 11:15, in gridlock, what are they thinking? By the time they get to the mountain, park and gear up it'll be 2:00. What's the point?[emoji849]
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    Unpopular Opinion: Any more than 4 people on a lift is too many.

    I've seen that before. Thankfully very rarely but I agree it's extremely douchey. It would've been great if you had also been a group of 3 and then jumped onto the chair that he thought he'd get for himself![emoji34]
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    This weekend

    Any reports from Cannon or Wildcat today? Did summit lifts at cannon ever open? I was going to head to there but changed my mind early this morning. Instead I went mtn biking this afternoon and it was very muddy. Should have gone skiing!
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    Attitash Summit Triple Problems 2018-2019

    interesting points. I'm going to back pedal a bit. "slow sinking" might be an overstatement. *If* Attitash is currently sinking (separate issue) it's not because it lacks a fast ride to the summit. An unreliable lift, maybe is a cause, but not a slow lift IMO. I agree there's not enough trail...