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Recent content by slatham

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    Mt Snow 20-21 Intel

    Thats a really good question. The issue is from a PR perspective, and VT DOH, it doesn't matter, it just looks bad. Not to mention the agony of waiting in those lines. Hopefully it didn't actually result on any Covid issues (I am a big believer that outdoors, masked, 30 mph wind, not an...
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    The NEW Magic Mountain

    Great pics. I love Magician and HOM. This storm and what is coming up is just what we needed.
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    If you quarantine (7 days/negative test or 14 days) and then go to VT, you don't break your VT quarantine by simply crossing state lines to go home. You break it if you have to go to work or school or visit people or doctors visit or shopping etc etc. Not saying this is easy, but you can leave...
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    Weekend storm thread....

    From what I hear (not there right now) SoVT was 10” or so. Note that the graphics above from NWS yesterday includes the backside/upslope that should start later today and continue into Sunday afternoon. Hopefully that materializes but it as usual will be focused along he spine at elevation...
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    The NEW Magic Mountain

    Serious potential. The current natural base is thin but *DENSE*. Current thinking of the Magic Weather office is 6-8" of wet dense snow (maybe slightly less at base, maybe slightly more at summit). I'm not patrol but my guess is that 6-8"of dense snow would open everything but the steepest ledgy...
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    The NEW Magic Mountain

    Works for me! Fingers crossed!
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    The NEW Magic Mountain

    Do Work, if there was true justice in this world you'd get a foot of snow this weekend, the vaccine shot, and win lotto (to of course invest back in Magic!). You guys are killing it in a very tough environment x 10.
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    The NEW Magic Mountain

    Mystery only has pipes on top section down to approximately the Green Lift - dead end, apparently used to make enough to race on that section of the trail back in the day. As mentioned, used for spare parts. Up Your Sleeve - the map in Geoff's office shows pipe and when I questioned it (I've...
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    The NEW Magic Mountain

    Sounds like you know more about most of this than I do. But do recall they can now pump from Thomspsonburg Creek. Also I think the core minimum goal at this stage is to get more like 30% open - U/L Carpet, Medium, Trick, Showoff, Hocus Pocus, base/beginer/terrain park, Talisman. That to me makes...
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    Jan 12 Bromley and general update

    Quick update of latest skiing...... Sunday saw really nice whale skiing on Peril and Blue Ribbon, with Panic, No Name Chute and Lower Stargazer added on Monday. Still whales today but they were grooming out the runouts and likely Peril and Blue Ribbon will be fully groomed soon. Today also...
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    The NEW Magic Mountain

    The pond is not the issue (though no argument that more water would be good). The issue is the pump for the 300 loop has been down since early December. It has been repaired and is back and installed but they haven't been able to get it fully running. The 300 loop is a separate loop that covers...
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    The "Sugarbush Thread"

    Shady great info, thanks. One question - the Snowlogics run on constant water, always? It just doesn't make sense to not alter water flow at 26WB vs 16 WB. Do HKD's operate in the same way? I thought water flow was adjusted but I'm just an interested tourist not a snowmaker.
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    The NEW Magic Mountain

    Well there you have it. Yes it needs a splice, yes you can do them with chairs on, and yes the splice will be done by MLK weekend. Hopefully final work and certification is soon to follow. Lots of progress with snowmaking especially with 300 line back. If weather cooperates (looks good) next...
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    The NEW Magic Mountain

    I think what many posts above are missing is that Magic needs Black because if they don’t need it they will fail. They cannot sustain on a long term basis on just Red and Green. And they need Black running this season - at some point - so there is no doubt it is online for 21/22. Then they need...
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    Singles Line

    Besides the odds of this being extremely low I am confident my ski pole would scuttle any such attempt. And of course you can just take a pass at riding with a potential stoner......