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  1. ss20

    Okemo Intel?

    Jackson Gore parking is better but still not really near the slope. No close parking at Okemo. Definitely make a go of it, @abc . Okemo gets a TON of hate as a "groomers" only resort....which it certainly leans towards. However the place is HUGE....while much of it is groomers the 15% that...
  2. ss20

    Okemo Intel?

    I've been to Okemo a couple dozen times....haven't found that lot yet! Actually as a semi-joke I was complaining to my buddy a few years ago about how many stairs we had climbed in the main base area. An ambassador came running over and gave me a free hot chocolate or coffee voucher! I...
  3. ss20

    The "Sugarbush Thread"

    @WinS what was the thought process behind opening/closing Castlerock back in ye olden days when you ran the hill? Snow depth is the natural answer...any other factors?
  4. ss20


    This 1000%. Either pay above minimum wage or make season passes expensive again....that's how you'll get staff back.
  5. ss20

    The "Sugarbush Thread"

    Anyone else find it kinda strange Castlerock isn't spinning yet? There's plenty of base....not like it'd get chewed up in three days if they ran the lift....
  6. ss20

    Weekend storm thread....

    Magic 100% open. Not gonna stop snowing in VT til tomorrow afternoon. In other news, finally some actual cold Monday night-Wednesday with teens for highs and single-digit lows. Honest question...has it dipped into the single digits in ski country at all this season? I can't think of any real...
  7. ss20


    I know a guy who skis Okemo groomers every weekend Thanksgiving-early April. He does go off trail maybe 5ish days a year. There's people where this is their cup of tea.
  8. ss20

    Does it always piss hot rain right before or on Christmas in eastern ski country or does if just seem that way?

    Looking at the radar....most of NH and VT are going to see INTENSE snowfall this AM. I think this storm is going to massively overperform just looking at temps and the radar. Especially in NH if they can stay cold. According to the report Stratton already has 6" down and there's at least 24...
  9. ss20


    Sheesh. Without him there'd be no Sunday River. Killington and Sugarbush would be VERY different. Attitash would still just be Attitash-proper, and a very minor player in the East. Not everywhere can or should be Magic, Castlerock, MRG, Burke, etc. Oh and in mid-April when all those places...
  10. ss20

    All mountain ski for intermediate

    I've got a similar setup. A mid-level Blizzard Quattro (7.2 ti rings a bell)- 68mm underfoot. Fischer Pro Mtn 95mm underfoot Nordica Enforcer 110 Only got the Nordicas because I'm moving out west.
  11. ss20

    COVID concerns in the Northeast

    The likelihood of spreading post-vaccine is probably going to be similar to the people who get Covid twice....it's a 1-in-100,000-1,000,000 people scenario. Doesn't mean the media won't scare you with it.
  12. ss20

    The "Sugarbush Thread"

    It's not a question of "can" it's more about desire and preserving skis/boards.
  13. ss20

    The "Sugarbush Thread"

    I totally agree- it's certainly a judgement call on conditions and yes they change rapidly and it can vary depending on which side of the trail you're on. But it's quite similar to the trail difficulty rating system as you bring up, in that it's never going to be perfect and is always...
  14. ss20

    The NEW Magic Mountain

    Unfortunately for Magic their location and low elevation will really hurt them this weekend. At this point the storm for the weekend looks like it'll be a net gain for the Green Mountain Spine and points west of that while hurting NH and Maine. Magic is too low and too far East. Good spot for...
  15. ss20

    The "Sugarbush Thread"

    I understand what people are saying about SB's policy. It is very lenient which is great. I don't think this should change, but sometimes I've skied "thin cover" stuff that's awesome and other times I've skied "thin cover" stuff that just destroys skis, requires picking your way down, and...