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  • Hi Tim, I'm considering a trip to Tuckerman's Ravine next weekend, March 21/22. Do you have any interest in going? It's supposed to stop raining by then. I'm hoping to hook up with someone on the forum with experience that is going. I'd be more comfortable with someone who knows the ropes. I've read that part of the Auto Road is open. This would make skiing accessable without climbing. This will truely be my last hurah, time for moutain biking, hiking, and canoeing for me. Tux fascinates me, did you see this video? http://www.powdermag.com/mantle/a-tuckerman-tradition/

    Not bad, I tried to take 108 through Smuggler's Notch, it's still closed. It traditionally opens May 1st. I shared a chair at Jay with a Stowe regular. He said it was opening later due to the severe Winter. He said the radio was reporting it would open any day now, so I took a chance. It's a pretty cool place, I thought about hiking it, three miles long, figured I'd be getting home late enough. I think it would have shortened the trip a little had it been open.

    I did start getting drowsy about an hour from home. I thought about stopping for a nap, started singing to myself, worked great, took my mind off of driving, perked me up, and made the time go by much faster. Red Hot Chilli Peppers, and Foo Fighters, and one Moody Blues song, surprised that one didn't put me to sleep, just popped into my head
    Hi Tim, it was nice to meet you over the weekend, I had a great time. Looks like Jay has trumped Sugarloaf and decided to reopen next weekend. I'm done, with the possible exception of Tucks.
    Have a great Summer,
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