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Recent content by urungus

  1. urungus

    Vintage ski pole baskets

    Thanks for the informative responses
  2. urungus

    Vintage ski pole baskets

    When looking at vintage ski photos for the 1940s, I am always struck by the enormous baskets on their ski poles. Anyone have insight as to why these have shrunk over time and what are the advantages/disadvantages of a huge old school basket ?
  3. urungus

    Brattleboro Ski Hill rescue initiative- HELP!!!

    Thanks for the heads up on this campaign, just made a small donation. It’s a fun place to take a couple of turns on the way to/from Mount Snow. Love the community spirt of little hills like this.
  4. urungus


    FWIW, Berkshire East has a 900kw wind turbine and 500kw solar field and my understanding is that it is enough to cover their entire operation. Are there any other self-powered resorts out there ?
  5. urungus

    i got bored and booked a 2 week ski trip

    I don’t mind skiing alone, except in the woods. Do you risk getting stranded with an injury, try to latch onto a group at the top of the run, etc ? I am old and slow and antisocial, so I am reluctant to cramp anyones style with the second option. Meaning I often miss out on the good stuff...
  6. urungus

    Gunstock Management team resigns

    Mueller report found plenty of collusion & obstruction https://time.com/5610317/mueller-report-myths-breakdown/
  7. urungus

    Suicide Six name change

    Has anyone close to you (spouse, parent, child) committed suicide ?
  8. urungus

    Jay Peak bombshell

    There appears to be no end to people enriching themselves from this. How many more years until the receivers fees exceed the eventual sale price, LOL
  9. urungus

    Sunapee Beach/Tailgating

  10. urungus

    Killllington 🎿🏂🏂🎿🎿🏂🏂🎿😀

    What is most concerning is that I haven’t seen any mention of free Tshirts like in the past
  11. urungus

    Killllington 🎿🏂🏂🎿🎿🏂🏂🎿😀

    A few photos from today on KZone, doesn’t look good https://www.killingtonzone.com/forums/viewtopic.php?p=678323#p678323
  12. urungus

    Killllington 🎿🏂🏂🎿🎿🏂🏂🎿😀

    K1 Lodge update … https://www.killington.com/culture/social-blog/insider-blog/new-k-1-lodge-sneak-peek
  13. urungus

    The '21-'22 ski season was the busiest ever per the NSAA!

    The Hindenburg had a spot of trouble getting off the ground …