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Recent content by urungus

  1. urungus

    The NEW Magic Mountain

    Wednesday’s Alpine Update said “Work continues on the Black Quad with communications line work and further drive work this week. It is still a couple weeks away but it will be operating this season and we will let you know when we are ready for state lift testing and certification.”
  2. urungus

    MA skiing

    Berkshire East reports snowmaking in progress on Thunder, Bolt, Little John, Upper & Lower Flying Cloud, Upper & Lower Minnie Dole, UMass Upper (not “Upper Upper”) Minnie Dole did not have any closed markers, so I got first tracks at 3:45 PM today, LOL Looking down: Looking up:
  3. urungus

    Okemo Intel?

    Everglades, Whispering Pines
  4. urungus

    Looking for recommendations

    Magic leaves much of their terrain ungroomed, so might not be the best choice if you are looking for “steep fast groomers”
  5. urungus

    MA skiing

    My understanding is that Massachusetts requires quarantine even for a day trip to NH (or any other state) https://www.mass.gov/info-details/covid-19-travel-order
  6. urungus

    MA skiing

    How to pronounce Bousquet, from http://www.snowjournal.com/discussion/225/the-worst-name-for-a-ski-area/p2
  7. urungus

    MA skiing

    rumored optimistic opening date for Bousquet Yellow summit lift is mid-February. Until then only mid mountain Blue chair. https://www.newenglandskiindustry.com/viewstory.php?storyid=879
  8. urungus

    MA skiing

    Why I love Berkshire East. Here’s a photo of chairlift line Saturday afternoon of MLK weekend with 6” of fresh snow. Many natural trails reopened. Skiied Upper Liftline (including the very top by the unload terminal) and Horaces Grove, both of which were open despite trail report listing them...
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  10. urungus

    MA skiing

    If you travel from Mass to Vermont, do you have to quarantine for 28 days ? 14 for Vermont, and then another 14 when returning to Mass ?
  11. urungus

    MA skiing

    Berkshire East dropped the ropes on Upper Comp today, so they have finally gotten one of the steeps re-opened after the Christmas washout. Ungroomed with pretty big moguls at the very top. Of course, it is not listed as open on today’s trail report 😡 I prefer Berkshire East over Jiminy Peak...
  12. urungus

    End of paper trail maps?

    I will be seriously bummed out if there are no more paper trail maps. When visiting a new area, I always get two copies, one for my home collection goes straight into the boot bag. The other into my pocket for studying on the chairlift, and spreading out on the table at lunch to recollect the...
  13. urungus

    Your 2020 / 2021 Ski Season Thread

    1. 11/21/2020 - Wachusett 2. 11/27/2020 - Jiminy Peak 3. 12/7/2020 - Wachusett 4. 12/17/2020 - Berkshire East - Opening Day powder, nearly everything open, skied “Upper Upper” Liftline for first time 5. 12/18/2020 - Berkshire East 6. 12/20/2020 - Berkshire East 7. 12/23/2020 - Berkshire East 8...